Oops....moving Forward

I was raised with idea that i could have as many as 7 wifes.Wow 7 wifes f.ing awsome,right?Well i had 3 girlfriend at the time 2 a year older one 2 yrs younger...had a great relationship with them all...Don't know where i heard this bot it stuck'YOU SEE SON RELATIONSHIPS ARE LIKE BUILDING A HOUSE'What? If your foundation isn,t strong your house won't stand.i thought i understood.so for my first wife i chose the yougest ,i loved the way she loved me,she's so fine to me .and i enjoyed her company;we got married i was 23 she was 21....we got married and it was all good then we got pregnant man i was not ready i had a plan ;she was having her child and wasn't hearing anything else so i said o.k put plans on hold.man iwas happy she was so beatiful glowing and carrying my/our child how could i not be in love we to parent planing clases ,child birth  classes i was having a ball and stressed like a M&F..er. man i'm broke living with her grandparents.All we had was a ******* room,a ******* room;and a baby is own the way.hell no,so i was working for this dude cutting diamond  had no israeli citizenship so he paying me under the table  and hell yeah he aint paying me ****.so i work in rah-maht gahn see my newly wed wife on the weekends when i come back down to the negev...man i'm worried about her we find out she has a heart problem now thats she's pregnant,she has a heart valve that doesn't close clompletely.so finaly i get her to come to hertzliah to live with me..it cool but i don't want her bored just sitting at home waiting for me she tells me her cousin lives in Tel-aviv so she wo't be bored she'll visit them.about 3 a few weeks later she calls me at work and ask me to meet at her cousin's.I'm so in love with her infatuated is more like it...we were going to the movies .I take a jitney(shuttle)from work to her cousin's ....thats when i first saw her (my secound wife)she was my wifes cousin's gilfriend and the time.my wife was wearing white and yellow a white long skirt and this yellow and whie print blouse as i got out the jitney her smile was so radiant i felt like a god...and could give her all that she wanted/needed.she introduced me to her cousin's and his girl i knew her cousin somewhat we were from the same hood.we went to the movies and enjoyed the evening. A few months past and decided to return home ...well...,**** its another wonderfully 14hr doy at the factory i'm tired and notted up in my mind about these diamond past the deadline and got at least another week before the parcel will be completed.;**** i need a ******* joint...danm was that a mistake i go home and smoke in the backyard the bosses wife just so happens to want to check on us to-day....so she smell the smoke...ben  she asks me were you smoking weed ..i was honest ..she was like you know i must report this to my hgusband...i'm so ******* fustated the job the baby and all we have is a ******* room to call a home.so i get suspened without pay and put out my house.so i call my wifes cousin to ask if i could crash withhim and his girl for a few days to get myself togethr didn't really go into detail......(its a long as story)         PART 2.....MAN i call her sexy ....her aurau is just that so sentual so seductive soft femenine pure utter sexxiness...a wonderful host i simply wanted a roof for a few day and she turned a couch into a "master suite" so for a few days i would go to the shook in Tel.A and make like 50 -70 shekela a day helping stall open and shut down...she's a single mom i didn't desire anything from her i just wanted not to be a inconvieance;its been a good long day at the shook wanting to keep all my money i walked home,bought some pitot(bread) and kumus a few comdiments and mint tea.thats dinner i thought;got to her spot around 8 the sun was setting.....i knocked on the front door she said come in i let her know i was home ;because in her hood the all think their is know such thing as just my house their doors always open to their neihbors anytime of day or night they are really communal...anyway....she says good that your home(that took me off gaurd)she said i hope your hungry i made some food for you i know you don't eat meat i hope you enjoy....man now i'm just lost her curtisy totaly caught me off gaurd i mean we've been cordial and i have enjoyed her company these days she's a joy to the eyes and she's funny as hell and she can cook and clean her *** off(i think thats how she lost her's)and she's brilliant;anyway...she made this rice and chicpeas with salad she knows i love salad....she said the shower is ready when you are so i cleaned up put  on jeans and T and took a seat .she placed the tray of food on my lap i opened my mouth to say thanks but no words came out i was just awe struk.Only my wife or girlfriend would ever serve me as such,she smile and said bivahkasha(please)its my pleasure.i saw she had no food/plate are we not eating together she laughed and said it 8 we don't eat this latethanks for asking...she watched me eat and told me of her day ...man i enjoyed that meal....

26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010