I Have No Money, I Am So Frustrated :(

I am 21, I'm a university student. So typically you would expect that I would have no money, but things just seem to be getting worse and worse. I have a part time job at a bakery, which used to keep me and my fiance afloat, tyically I would do 16 hours a week, and this would be just enough, but my hours have been reduced to 6. I suppose the most frustrating thing is the boredom. My fiance used to have a full-time job, after being made redundant he decided to take a place on a photography course, seeing his career as a dead end. He has applied for literally hundreds of part-time jobs, cleaning, bar jobs, admin... but they just look at his application and think...over qualified. The summer is four months long, counting down the days until I get my student loan, applying for jobs, hearing nothing and cancelling yet another bill means that this summer is the most frustrating and miserable one I've ever had. Me and my fiance send almost every day together, but I feel so lonely, the few friends I had made their decisions to stay away when they realised I couldn't afford to do anything. I have nobody to help me, unlike my friends I can't turn to my parents for help, my mum is on benefits and my Dad left when I was a baby. I'm scared that this is what the rest of my life is going to be like, that there is nothing left to look forward to :(
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How are things going now?

Things are definatly about perspective, some days just feel worse than others do. Last night I had a long chat to my gran and she was telling me all the things my great Grandma went through in the war and it made me feel so lucky. Things will get better, and I know I'm lucky because I have food and shelter and we have the NHS here, sometimes you need to feel sorry for yourself for a little while to realise ultimatly how lucky you are. TBH I feel a little silly for whining now ha ha.

Welcome to the real world, of hard work and love. You are not alone, cause what happens to you will be shared with your fiancé. He does not want to lose you, and be lonely, so support what he does, and don't worry about help from people. Currently, you have the basic need met, like food, shelter, friendship, Keep up your spirit and your fiancé will help you through the maze of life.