Always Been Poor

I was born poor and now at 25 I work 38 hours a week, and hubby works 25, we get paid on Friday and by Sunday it is all gone. We are currently 3 month behind on all our bills. Rent, electric, internet, car insurance, student loans, borrowed money, after we make payment towards all those we are left with basically nothing. No health insurance, no savings, no social life, no nothing. We don't drive anywhere excet to work and back, we dont go out unless it's somewhere free, we are lucky we inherited furniture from hubbys grandma or else we wouldnt have any. Being poor really sucks but we are slowly but surely moving towards not being poor anymore.
PreciousDragon1 PreciousDragon1
1 Response Nov 30, 2011

same story here except we dont have a car we only use a motorcycle, i m 25 too btw :D