Still Poor

Today I woke up in tears. My mom is four months behind on rent, The eletric is due to be cut off any day, and ontop that we already had our gas cut off. I live off of disability and my moms income is cut in half. Her bills are more than our income together and the worst part is, her net income stops her from getting goverment help! They don't go by her her take home pay which she only takes 50% of her check home. Thanks to the job taking 25% and a college loan which they screwed her over and gave her a bad degree and no one would hire her! This is bullshit! They have been taking her taxes away for 3 years now, and now their going after her checks! We could bearly make it as it is! Im starving all the time and about to get evicted! What am I supposed to do?
mindlesskimi mindlesskimi
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Look, I know how it is. . My mom's loan company is taking money from her like crazy too! So is the state! Keep your head up! Call around local shelters, that's what we did! Stayed in one for about two months. . sometimes you have to start from the bottom again then make it to the top. We are managing right now. . . but a slum lord, living with roaches, bats, and more smdh! It's okay I guess! I wish you luck though! I'll put you on my prayer list!

Hey, I feel so sorry for you and your mom hun..
I know the feeling, my recommendation is to hunt for a full time job. Move to somewhere smaller like a studio apartment for the two of you until you are both stable again.. so at least you can afford little things like food and shelter. I wish there was a better solution but money isn't free :(