I'm Horrible With Money!!

My mom's one of those people who substitutes drugs or alcohol for shopping. A shopaholic I believe they're called. Any time she was troubled, sad, lonely, or just plain bored she'd deal with it buy shopping. She didn't care if she had the money or not, she'd just get in the car and go.

As a child I enjoyed it. What kid wouldn't like a toy shopping spree for no apparent reason? But I must have inherited some of her tendencies because I have absolutely no skills with money whatsoever. When I'm in my manic phase I'll buy anything that looks good simply because I'm so hyper and erratic that I just don't care. When I'm in my depressed phase I try to make myself feel better by shopping. When I'm in a balanced state I suck at math anyway so I still spend more then I should.

Three years ago I was the victim of identity fraud and some jerkhole leeched my checking account of 600 dollars. To a 21 year old who's surviving on canned pasta and tap water that's a small fortune. It was all the money I had saved for my apartment. I eventually got some of it back, but still my credit was trashed.

A year later Capital One sent me an application for a card that was supposed to help me "rebuild my credit". I applied for the card and was accepted just in time to incur a HUGE medical bill. I used the card to pay it. I kept making payments but the interest rate was insane. I got it paid down pretty good but then my car died. A thousand dollars later and I was right back where I started. I kept going and going like this, paying it down, then a stroke of bad luck right up until I had a particularly bad depressive spell where I pretty much gave up.

I've just been successfully sued for the sum balance on my credit card. I have a payment hearing in three months.

Pray for me.

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4 Responses Nov 18, 2008

Can't squeeze blood out of a turnip...freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose...get an extra job paying you cash. (like babysitting or something)

Thanks guys. I'm not so much worried about going to jail as I'm afraid of public speaking. I'm hoping that by some miracle I'll be able to pay it off before the payment hearing but unless some random relative I didn't know existed dies and leaves me a thousand dollars then I'm ******.

i will help you, autumn my friend x<br />
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peace out <br />
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Hey - I don't know where you are but in the US the laws protect you pretty well. Don't worry about it too much. They can't put you in jail. All they can do is tell you to pay up and if you can't afford to **** on all of them. good luck. I will say a little prayer for you.