Little Miss Popular

My whole entire life I have always had tons of friends. I really became popular though after I developed. Tons of guys wanted to go out with me. I still have guys chasing after me to this very day even though most know I have a boyfriend. I like to have more women friends because we can relate to each other, but lately they have been more annoying than my "monthly friend". Geez, they hound me about almost everything I do. I love them, but they need to lighten up. It doesn't really help that 3 of them are pregnant right now. Anyhow I have a lot of new friends now I met at work and stuff that seem to understand me better. I also saw one of my best friends from highschool the other day. She hasn't changed a bit and is still awesome, maybe even more awesome now that her love life is getting spiced up.
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Its amusing lol I'm all for being super confident, I'm kinda cocky sure but you are definitely confident in yourself. Not a bad thing though

Well, if you still have your prom dress, c'mon over to my place and we'll see about getting off...I mean, getting IT off...

yes it just so happens I was prom queen, a hot prom queen all the guys were trying to get me to leave the dance and take off my prom dress if ya know what I mean. So would take em' up on it now

Ummm...congratulations on being...popular? lol I guess SOME blonde stereotypes still due hold true, regardless of scholastic achievement. Were you prom queen, by any chance? (lol I jest, it just sounded funny...)