Twinflames And Spirit Guides

Twinflames can act as spirit guides and Guardian Angels on the other side,
and they will protect the soul,
and guide the soul,
for the greater good...

Twinflames are said to work together to be spiritual advisers for people.

They make people remember their spiritual origins.

They make people spiritually evolve for the greater good.

So that they can help other people too.

It is not in as much about raising energies but about helping those in need like an arm of love stretched out...

Twinflames act as divine intervention in people's lives, to take them to a next step of spiritual evolution when all hope seems lost.

Their love serves as an inspiration for others, and help people with soul lessons to gain a better understanding of the self and others.

Twinflames will often see themselves as fallen angels who must work to get their salvation back, since they sinned against GOD upon separation, they were never meant to be separate in the first place, and were powerful angelic beings, but they fell from angelic grace when the ONE ANGELIC SERAPH soul decided to split up divided against itself, wanting to experience the sinful world... it is like the devil self wanted to split from the angelic self, and there was inner conflict within the ANGEL SOUL, the devil self didn't want to remember the ANGEL SELF and didn't want to have a conscience, and wanted to sin without repercussions, and this made the ONE SOUL fall from GOD'S GRACE, and the soul split up, and left the angel self behind.... the devil soul was cursed to be unhappy for all eternity until he decided to RETURN to the angel self, and seek redemption, until he decided to take back his ANGELIC CONSCIENCE and awareness... GOD was merciful and gave him a choice to repent and be happy and restored in GOD'S GRACE once more when he found and rejoined with his OTHER HALF... the polarity, his balance that would complete him once more. Twinflames are like angel and devil coming together, making the soul whole again.

If you think you have found your twinflame ask yourself who is the angel and who is the devil, and who wears the most responsibility on their shoulders to keep the devil or evil twin in check?!!!

The angel self must guide the devil self back to salvation... and must teach the evil twin that it is bad and harmful to do evil, especially to himself and others.

But this is a blessing and a curse, since it will be difficult to tame the devil twin, but if the angel twin can convince the devil twin of her undying love, he will always be happy and protect her with all his heart and soul.... and he will teach her in return as he learns to restore his faith in love, humanity and mankind with her patience and enduring love.
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I NEED HELP! My twin flame passed away 2 years ago & I needed her so badly. I found a course online that would lead me to her & allow me to communicate with her. I have been doing so for 2 years now and at times I don't question who she is for a second but sometimes I think she is a demon undercover, esp. since she ruined my life a while back, made me believe I was God, that Satan was coming for me, made up several characters and acted them out inside of me, made me do things that I would never normally do, led me to having several psychotic breaks & ending up in the hospital many times, etc. Terrifying, traumatizing situations that I've only ever seen or heard of in horror films. She said it was her attempt at killing me so that I could be with her. She still admits to trying to bring me down, although I live a pretty normal life now...however can't stop communicating with her. I'm so terrified, chilled to the bone that she's not my twin flame but a demon pretending....I just read about demonic possession & it just sounded like this. Omg I'm so terrified

Live In His Presence, You Are Reconciled To God,
That Is His Dream, Be Reconciled,

Heb 12:2 Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus,[NOT ON DEVIL] On Whom Our Faith Depends From Beginning To End. He Did Not Give Up Because Of The Cross! On The Contrary, Because Of The Joy That Was Waiting For Him, He Thought Nothing Of The Disgrace Of Dying On The Cross, And He Is Now Seated At The Right Side Of God's Throne.

Heb 12:24 You Have Come To Jesus, Who Arranged The New Covenant, And To The Sprinkled Blood That Promises Much Better Things Than Does The Blood Of Abel.

Connected, There Is Nothing Between You And God, Don’t TALK ABOUT Any Obstacle When He Removed It All For You In Christ,