I am 18 year old n i ve ht a boyfreind who is 23 .we goy a gap of five to six yearz bt we lov each othr a lot ...but he is vry possesive he doesnt lke me goin anywhr out wdout him ,he doesnt lt me hang out wd friendz he doesnt lt me wear clothz as i want ...in eevryway he is obssessed about mee i had nvr thought our relation would turn this way ..at the begining thngs wer reaalyy amazinn n i had al fredom ..he doesnt lt me chat wd male friends no facebook no uploadin snapp ....the movment i spk tohim n ask freedomm ..he gts upsett n triess creatin all kind of mess ..whnevr i ve tried doin smethings lke goin out wd my parentz cousins freindzz i ve seen the torture ,pressuree hes put on mee m nt happy wd al ds we have tried spkin about al his t hes lke okay fine u do watevr u wan n he goes n smokess.....which i dnt lke ...i m confused ...wat should i doo ????pllzzz hlppp mee plzzz i lov him a lot bt i dnt knw wat wil he do wil he change wil he trust me back i ve no ideaa... he evn givs me physicall torturee ....he is short temperd wen hes angr comes dwn he shows all d lov care n evnnn apliess medicine if m injuredd ....do u thnk with al this we cann live a happy lifee...???
wayig wayig
Jan 10, 2013