Carmen: Toreador Song And Habanera +The Complete Opera

The Toreador Song is well-known; I wonder if that was because children would parody it by singing:
Don't spit on the floor-ah
Use the cuspidor-ah
That's what it's for-ah
Anyhow this version of the Toreador Song is not a parody but sung seriously and beautifully by Kim Bum-Jin as Escamillo and the chorus of the Seoul Arts Center Opera Theater.

At Lillas Pastia's inn, Carmen and her friends Frasquita and Mercedes consort with Zuniga and other soldiers. A group of revelers arrives, celebrating Escamillo, the illustrious bullfighter. The crowd cheers as Escamillo boasts of his victories.

Much earlier Carmen sings the Habanera
Carmen - Anna Caterina Antonacci; Don José - Jonas Kaufmann; Escamillo - Ildebrando D'Arcangelo; Micaela - Norah Amsellem; The Royal Opera Chorus; Chorus Director: Renato Balsadonna; The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden; Conductor: Antonio Pappano. he

Love is a rebellious bird
that nobody can tame
and it's all in vain to call it
if it chooses to refuse.
Nothing helps, not threats nor prayers;
one man is smooth-tongued, another's silent,
and he's the one that I prefer:
he says nothing, but he pleases me
Love . . . .  love . . . .
Love is a gipsy child,
he has never known a law;
though you don't love me, I love you,
and if I love you, then beware!
The bird you thought you'd caught
spread its wings and flew off . . .
Love stays away and you must wait for it,
then when you don't expect it, there it is . . .
All around you, quickly, quickly
it comes and goes and then returns.
You think you hold it, it escapes you,
you try to escape it, it holds you fast.

The link to the complete opera on YouTube does not work because of copyright violations.
The version I had posted earlier with Grace Bumbry (also HOT) and subtitles and the ballet from Bizet's incidental music for L'Arlésienne has been deleted from Youtube for copyright violations.

But maybe this will stay, From Covent Garden

or this

Or this - with sub-titles in German

Or this - with about 12 minutes of conversation - in Russian - before the start.

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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I like the part that said; Loves stays away and you must wait for it, then when you don't expect it there it is.

Very true.

MY mother, Mary Agnes Lacey loved singing a variety of songs while she worked, origins were from local music enterainment during the 1930's
Torreador , don't spit upon the floor,
Use the cuspidor, that 's what it's for.
He came to me his beard waving in the breeze
I want a hair cut he said..
No word did he utter as I seized the grass cutter,
and I mowed and I mowed til for mercy he cried.
It was cropped short never to grow again
til the old boy died.

What melody was that sung to? I was wondering - The old grey mare ain't what she used to be.