Parent's Not Potty Training Their Kids?

There has been in increase in the number of kids who are going to pre-school, kindergarten, and even first grade, not fully potty trained; this putting teachers and school staff with all kinds of unneeded stress and pressure. Is it the parent's faults for not potty training their kids? Are parent's becoming too busy to potty train? With the increased number of divorced parents, is the stress of younger kids causing a potty training delay? It's really hard to say, but research does clearly say, that there are more and more kids going to school, not fully potty trained.

Usually, most schools will not allow children that aren't potty trained due to health reasons. Teachers do not want to change diapers obviously, they want to teach children.

I myself was potty trained at a very early age. I do not remember wearing diapers as a child, nor do I remember getting my diaper change by my parents. I had problems with accidents as a child due to constipation. I don't know if what my parents did was the right or wrong thing to do by refusing to put me in diapers, regardless of high number of accidents I was having. Regardless, I did grow out of it, and was having less and less problems the older I got.

I was wondering, if this new generation of children will grow up remembering what it was like to wear a diaper, and remember what it was like to get their diaper changed. I've heard that some people have a memories of their diaper days, but I myself do not. My memories really sparked my 3rd birthday and when my brother and sister were born.

One side of the table says that delaying potty training causes developmental delays. The other side of the table says that rushing potty training can cause harm to the child. I've even heard some doctors say that the child should decide when they want to be potty trained. And from what I have seen, some children absolutely refuse to let go of the diaper. There has to be a limit of when a child decides to be potty trained, and when a parent decides a child needs to be potty trained.

I remember a few years ago when I was going to my Grandfather's church, there was a girl in the Sunday School class who was 5 years old, still wearing diapers. She didn't seem mentally handicapped, so I didn't see why she was still wearing diapers. What surprised me even more, is that she wasn't wearing pull-ups or training pants of any sort, she was wearing regular baby diapers. I just never understood why. Did this effect her schooling? Was this going to set her back a year in school? Did this effect her social life? Would other kids make fun of her for not being potty trained? Not Being Potty trained could effect her whole life, and who is to blame? The child? The parent? She wasn't the only child I've met in my life that was 4-5 and still in diapers. (There was a time in First Grade, a friend and I were making fun of this girl still in pull-ups >_<)

I feel really strange writing this story regarding my current adult baby life style. It's almost humorous. But I do take the topic very seriously. I'm just shocked. I had always thought parents rushed the potty training thing so it would save money on diapers, save on diaper changes, and just so they could show off their parenting skills and show off their child.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

From a parent's perspective, getting a child potty trained is a saving in time, aggravation and money. While I enjoy my diapers now, in later life, I remember how many times, when the children were diapered, you'd be ready to go somewhere, and had to change a diaper. Or, would be just sitting down to eat and "Oh, i think someone needs a diaper change!" Also, the cost of disposables is costly for parents on tight budgets. Perhaps that is why some prefer cloth, but they, too, are a hassle. Washing diapers and plastic pants every day, well, just adds to the water, electric and soap bill. So, I guess potty training is as much for the parent as the child. Keep in mind there may be some youngsters who need to wear diapers, who might seem "normal" whatever that is, but who have physical or mental problems that require them to wear them. I remember some of the angst my mother went through when I was potty training. There were times when I would be just put into a clean diaper (or training pants) and I would pee or poop, and she would get aggravated and had to wash me up and go thru the process again. I remember having "accidents" in my underwear, and times when I had "to go real bad, and I can't hold it." That meant more mess and a change of training pants or underwear again. My "carrot" going potty was just "to be a big boy and wear big boy undies." Wow, I thought I had really accomplished something when I was wearing boys Fruit of the Loom briefs! Little did I know years later, I would look forward to nights when I could drop my briefs and put on a diaper and plastic pants.