I Was A Teen

I was about 17 and my boyfriend and I were on a date I was feeling kinda weird so I told my boyfriend I was going to go to the restroom and he said ok I went in and just before I pulled down my pants I peed so I said uh oh like a toddler and I went outside then pooped then a toddler came out and said you poopy and I said no I didn't and her mother came over and said let's go to the bathroom and change you and I said go to the toddler and her mom said not her you and I said I didn't poop and went back to my boyfriend and he said you you pooped didn't you and I said yea so we went into his car and we drove to a store he bought me a potty we went to my place and he told me to go on the potty
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Same thing happened to me

Awesome...seems like a pretty cool boyfriend you had.