Potty Training Story Of Our 16 Month Old Daughter!

So my daughter comprehends what 'going potty' means. It all started when she began to watch her water baby from Target go pee-pee in the bath tub. She also recognizes her private area by the name, "pee-pee" so not a girly name for her private area but it was the word she became familiar with. I guess literally going pee and calling it a pee pee was easiest for her and it stuck.

So anyway, every time I go to the bathroom (I am a stay at home MOM) she follows me into the bathroom and is amazed by me going. She also loves to grab little squares of toilet paper when she is in the bathroom and throw them into the toilet.

When toilets flush it doesnt scare her...not even the loud ones in public places.

She will bring me a diaper/ wipes when she needs to be changed or she will grab at her diaper and make it very apparent she needs a new one. She even tries to put Desitin (diaper cream) and baby powder on her butt all by herself.

I decided with all of these 'interests' if you'd call them that maybe I ought to try potty training her. I really don't want to push it on her too much though considering how young she still is...so I guess I'm just introducing her to it.

This morning I bought her a minni-mouse potty from Wal Mart. It was like 22 bucks or something like that. It flushes and makes a 'hooray' sound. It's simple but cute and it has her favorite character on it! She sat on it at first and put a pull up on. I put her water baby on the toilet during her bath and she got a kick out of watching her water baby go pee-pee. So far nothing from my daughter though!

I think he knows that it belongs to her and she is interested in it but is still a tad bit weary about it. I will be sure to update the pros and cons of potty training this young and our story! Thanks for reading.

18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012