****** Control And Denial

My introduction to ****** denial was from my girlfriend of 5 years who I thought I would marry. Let's call her Sarah. We met in high school and I was instantly attracted to her. Cute and flirty with some of the biggest boobs of all the girls, I never had a chance with her. She dated one of the popular guys at school and got a reputation after giving him a ******* on an airplane on the way to a school retreat.

Years later we were living together with some friends and became attracted to one another. She had a boyfriend back in our hometown but one night I was giving her a massage and she grabbed my **** and directed me to her bed. I took off her bra and sucked her big **** and then went down on her. I still had my clothes on but once I made her ****** she took down my shorts and sucked me off and swallowed my ***. From then on we had fabulous sex for many years.

Somewhere during our relationship I asked her about my **** and if it was the biggest she had ever had - yes, a stupid question - and at first she said yes. I was very proud until she said "sorry, i don't want to lie to you'. She had been with a guy who went to my college who was well known as a ladies man with a very large ****. Her best friend had ****** him and introduced them. They shared him for a while until he dumped Sarah. I told her that really turned me on and she told me many stories about what he did to her with his big ****. We both got very horny any time she would bring this up while we ******. I told her if she ever had a chance to **** him or if she found another guy with a huge ****, she had my permission to **** him- but only once, and she had to tell me the details.

Years went by and Sarah decided to do a degree in a foreign country. I went with her for just a week to help her settle in. There was one other guy there that had done the same for his girlfriend (Allison, who was super hot!) but otherwise it was all girls, probably 20 of them.

Well, the head girl, who was also hot gave an introduction speech to everyone. She had worked at the school for several years and tried to give everyone a good orientation of the school and the surrounding area. She then went on to tell the girls that condoms were available. She continued with chances are that you will hook up with someone, even if you are already in a relationship and then "sorry guys" (addressing me and the other guy) but it might happen. She finished with "Mike has not arrived yet, but girls, if you have the chance to **** Mike, take it"

About 3 months after I left, I got a call late in the evening. It was Sarah. She revealed that she ****** Mike the night I left, while I was on the plane home, and was going to keep ******* Mike...but Mike was also ******* Allison so when the program was done, then she'd be home and we'd get back together. She then nonchalantly told me she had some new 'big ****' stories for me when she was back for Christmas break.

She arrived home and things were awkward at the start. We went to bed together and I mounted her ready to **** her. I sucked her ****, which normally got her instantly wet and horny. I started to put my **** in her when she yelled for me to stop. I was pissed. She told me "Mike wouldn't like this - I'll get a condom." My hornyness outweighed my anger and I was willing to **** her with a condom after 8 months without sex. She quickly came back with some special large condoms. She opened on and told me to lay down and put it on. Congratulations to Mike if he could fill this condom. After it was on, she crawled over to me. She liked to ride me and i was rock hard waiting for her to mount my ****. Nope. She grabbed my **** with one hand and pushed my balls up with the other. She started stroking me, pounding her hand into my balls on every stroke. It actually felt quite good and after a while my balls felt big and full. My **** was dripping in the condom. After 5 years she knew my **** very well. She started stroking faster and faster. "Oh **** this feels good" I said. "I'm going to ***!" At that moment it felt like a vice clenched my ****. Her thumb and finger were jammed against my ****, strangling it. It jerked a couple of times then stopped. It was still rock hard. She repeated this a few more times. Then she pushed her thumb hard again and kept it there until I lost my erection. She then told me to eat her *****, which I did. She had a big ******. She told me to take off the condom and that we were done. I asked her when we were going to **** and she told me again that "Mike wouldn't like that..and you don't fill me like he does."

I finally asked her exactly what was going on with us. She told me should could not love two people at once and our relationship was not working (admittedly, she was right) except for the sex and even that needed some work- apparently I *** too fast. Mike taught her about controlling male *******, that men (me) shouldn't *** every time they have sex. To me he sounded like some sort of hippy vegan weirdo who wooed women with his 'sensitive' side - and it clearly worked with my girlfriend. At the same time, it didn't seem to stop him from ******* her and Allison at least twice a day.

Well, the ******* off (sometimes my hand, sometime hers)continued multiple times a day for 3 weeks, occasionally with no condom. When I was lucky she would lick my balls while I stroked my ****, sometimes she'd tie me up and stroke it until it started to twitch and then just let go. Another time she had me ***** naked and dangled her big boobs in my face while I jerked my **** - when I got too close to the edge she called her sister in the room next door to come in, forcing me to stop and find a sheet to cover myself. Other times she would get naked and sit on my face and not let me touch her except for my tongue.

Well, it all ended on Christmas Eve - the phone rang and it was Mike. He was back from Allison's and ready to take Sarah out to to party and to ****. I saw her a few days later and her ***** was off limits. My wife loves when I tell her about Sarah. I can write another long story about how she has embraced ****** denial - i'm closing in on 3 months with no ******. Man my balls ache
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