Gave Up ******* For Lent

I too am practicing ****** denial. I am giving them up for lent. 40 days without release. I have not gone without an ****** for more than 4 days since I was very young. I am on day 4 now. It gets hard a lot and I had to take a cold shower on day 3. 

The reason I am giving up my ******* for this period is to show my wife I can do it, and because I have not given her an ****** for 10 years. It will help me deal with the guilt of the past years. So my sex life for the next 40 days will be giving her oral. I have done this twice in the past three days and I have given her one ******. I have to go to bed unsatisfied. It is difficult, but pleasurable knowing that she is satisfied. I am hoping to give her at least 10 ****** during this 40 day period. One for each year she has gone without. There will be a lot of cold showers in the coming days. 

I have a calendar that I am marking off the days. I will leave more post as the days go on. Is there anyone else dealing with this? I am determine to make this.

edward1961 edward1961
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Did you make it all 40? I'm on 21 and I is getting hard to deal with, but I fun myself becoming more attached to get the longer it goes. I have also noticed I am more emotional.

On day 12. Tough but hang'n in there.