Poor Little Tinkerbell Has To Wait Longer

I took charge of our love life and turned my loving husband into a submissive, obedient, feminine, sissy. I only call him tinkerbell now (TB in public, LOL)

He is only allowed to play with himself when I give him permission and that has to be earned.  Starting about 10 days ago, I started denying him. After a couple of days of him kissing my "two lips" and "rosebud" but no permission he was getting very, very horny. Then I told him it was my "time of the month" and the next ****** to be had in our house would be mine... but not for several days!!  LOL  He was so much fun leading up to last night, Friday nights are "tinkerbell" nights when he has to dress up in a pink sissy dress with stockings and heels along with a fluffy lace collar & wrist cuffs that have little bells on them.  He was so hard and excited as I teased him all evening and put him through his paces. I make him profess how our love life is perfect, how much he loves being my sissy, loves giving oral pleasure, etc.  It really puts me in the mood watching him submit and humble himself as a feminine little sissy lick doll.  I had him scratch and massage my back, then give me soft kisses down my back. I rolled over and told him to get to work!! He is well trained now on just how to lick and suck and finger me.  It was wonderful and then I whispered into his ear " I told you the next ****** would be mine" he was so hot and bothered he was begging for permission to pull his sissyclit, so I made him squirm and say all sorts of nasty things. He told me how much he loves being a sissy and how he loves having mr. woody (cyberskin dreamcock *****) in his sissypussy, how much he loves french kissing my *** and *****, etc...  Then I took his hands in mine, cuddled up to him, and whispered... the next ****** is mine too... we will see about your permission tomorrow night! 

This morning he was rock hard and I warned him... no playing while I squeezed him and sucked on his nipples.  I love getting him all worked up and then telling him he has to earn it!!  He begged and offered to do anything, so I had him make out with my ***.  I plan to extract more and more from him throughout the day. Poor little tinkerbell.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Thanks for sharing !!!

No, the poor guy suffers enough!