Chastity Device Time!

If you read my last story here you know about the special relationship my pretty little tinkerbell and I have.  He has worn a gold chain around his neck since before we were married. Last night I took it off of him and replaced it with a string of pearls. Then I looped the chain through a small key. I looked deep into his eyes and said "this key is very important... important to you that is!"  I then proceeded to cage his sissyclit in a "curve" chastity tube. It is a plastic tube that cages him and locks with a little brass padlock.  We both got into bed and I had him massage and caress my back before falling asleep. This morning I unlocked him to take a shower and I was holding a black and pink polka dot panties for him to put on when he stepped out.  Tongiht is Friday, so its tinkerbell night. He models and prances in his ultra feminine pink sissy dress and it will now be complete with his sissyclit cage!!!  I can't wait to make him go down on me and beg to be unlocked afterward... where did I put that key... oh well... nighty night tinkerbell!!!  Any variations or suggestions before I try this tonight?

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Mar 5, 2010