Spells And Protection

It has been a few days since We have moved and We already have had mant things happen that were unexplicable. When I say, We, I mean My Family... Just a short Week ago My Wife, Mother, and 3 of My 4 Kids Watched in Horror, as I lost control of the truck I was Driving, when it Acted like I had been hit in the Rearend and Jack-knifed loosing the Truck, Trailer, with Car attached to it Careen off the Road and Roll Down a steep hill. Everything Rolled, Truck, Trailer With Car on it, and All. Out of the Wreckage, We lost Much, I dislocated my shoulder because my seatbelt Actually Broke, ( Yes, You Read it Right the First Time..) as I clung to the Steering wheel and Anchored my Feet in the Steering Column. My Truck was equipped with a Headache Rack, Well, as the truck itself rolled, the rack acted like an overgrown rollcage, protecting the cab from collapse, and me having the roof collapse on me during the roll. Proir the the Journey, My Wife had Chanted a spell of Protection and Boundries against the Evil Forces that Lurk in Our World Today, Had She Not have Done this when She did, I Might not be here to Tell You All this Tale... Wiccans Everywhere, Be Informed, Evil Forces Walk Freely Amoung Us, You Must Concider that if Your Lives Aren't Going the Way You Had Dreamed, Maybe a Cleansing, Purification and, Protection Combination Spell would Be in Your Best Interest. Though these Spells Are Few and Far between, but they Do Exist. Perhaps even when they Come out from Within You, Remember to have Your Herbs, Spices, Charcoal, Oils, and Representation Candles, and Any Stones that May Help Amplify Your Efforts, on Your Respective Altars... Dont Forget to Call the Goddess, And God, the Elements, and Have Your Circle Cast prior to Calling the Deities For Help and Protection. Though there are many ways to Cast Your Spell, and Worship, I say the Truest Way to Worship, is the Way You Feel Most Comfortable and Safe, One last Note, if You have a Large enough Altar, Don't forget to Have Food and Drink, both to offer the Goddess, and God, but Also for Your Self, Casting such a spell can Make one or more Hungry, and Thirsty, as well as Very tired.

And Now, The Rest of the Story... After My Truck had Finally come to a Stop, with the Motor still running i had shut it off, to reduce the risk of possible explosion. the truck was an '82 Ford F-150, something that was built to be a very light duty truck but in a full-sized version. the car is a '96 olds Cutlass Supreme, the Trailer was a loaner, it currently is being rebuilt, We spent 3 days cleaning up the Crash Site of the Debris that was lost, out of all this My Family was petrified when We all returned to the Scene of what could have been my personal end. The Kids stumbled down the hill to see what they could find of their things, My Wife, Mother and Myself stood in awe of what happened Knowing that it shouldn't have happened at all, here's why.

My Truck couldn't break 40 miles per hour even on flatland, this accident happened in the hills, when the truck hit 38mph it started to wobble from side to side, front to rear and top to bottom, there was no wind that night to speak of, no real rush to get anywhere as it was around midnight so traffic as next to non-existant. the skies were pitch-black, and even brights weren't bright enough to see much of the Road ahead. so i slowed the rig down to 35mph and attempted to keep it there as the truck itself was loaded down in the box, cab, and rack. there was only room for the driver, this was after i had pulled into a truck-stop to air up my tires a little and my wife had all the kids get in the car just minutes before all of this had happened, after which She said She had foreseen the Wreck that was about to takeplace and didn't want the Kids in harms way, i didn't know till i had hopped back in the cab and started away, then i got a call on my cell, it was my wife saying she had all the kids with her and my mom, i looked over and saw my mirrors i had made back in high-school, these were big enough to hold objects like hurricane oil lamps, and not the small ones either, the big ones. well i continued as i knew then that all kids were safe with us and ok, so i didn't even stop i just kept going, going up hill i couldn't break 30mph, but comming downhill i had to ride the brakes to keep fro swaying very very badly, 6 miles from our final destination, my worst fear had happened, loosing the load. it was our last big trip. and all i could think about after the crash, was calling for help, although i was walking and very ticked off, (putting it nicely,) i had called 911 and the county Sherriff showed up some 15 minutes later, and the first thing he asked me was " Were You Wearing Your Seatbelt?", To that i Replied, Yes but it wasn't like it was worth it cause IT BROKE!, then i showed him the bolt from the belt itself, the very mount bolt that held the release part of the belt in place called a seatbelt anchor/ mount bolt. needless to say i was a bit bloody, but i was alive, very angry but alive. just standing there in that spot in the light of morning i had seen all the damage for the first time, and relived the experiance, not fun.

I still have to drive by the site where the wreck happened, and remember all that i lost, and realized that it was all material items that can easily be replaced, ( some Easier than others but that's Life...), and i could get everything back in time, i have been back to work since the accident, but my employer still isnt so sure i should be back yet, but i'm hoping to change all that, at the time of this writting i'm on light duty status and am back for yet anouther round of life, only this time i have an agenda with whatever smacked the truck so hard that it caused me to crash and loose valuable items and almost my entire being with it.

Now More than Ever I'm Working on Spells, Potions, And other Things that may Help Capture, trap, or Otherwise Encapsule Demons and other Evil Enitities that may be Lurking in the Shadows... Again, Wiccans Beware, protect Yourselves and Your Families...

Until Next Time, Merry Meet, Merry part, Merry Meet Again, Peace Be to Thee, Blessed Be. 1 Lucky Wiccan.
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Jul 22, 2010