His Name Is Michael

 My friend Michael had an accident Tuesday. While he was fighting for his life I wasn't even aware he'd been hurt. Massive trauma to the head and brain swelling. Thanks be to God he will live and be able to spend more days with his kids who are his joy. There's is a good chance he won't remember that we were ever friends,or that I ever existed. Whats more,for some reason I can;t find out where exactly he is.

So I continue to pray for his full recovery and I ask for you to pray too. He is a wonderful man.He is brilliant in mind and kind in spirit. He is a good friend who has your back and never deserts you.He is a strong man and a fighter always putting forth his best effort and always quick to help anyone in need.A man like him deserves his life back.And if he never remembers he ever knew me I thank God for the time we had to get to know each  other and while I continue to pray his memory comes back  as the greedy and selfish  person I am,I pray strength to his family and blessings to them all.

You get 'em Michael.You keep fighting and never ever give up! xoxo

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

This is the last word on Michael. He's back to living his life.Looks like the worst is that he's lost most of the last year and some spotty areas.Much much less than we all feared,Eventually he'll come to terms with his loss of time and head forward on his journey. We who love him wish him well and thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers that actually produced a miracle.

Michael is physically fine they say and I've been lucky enough to have heard from him and we are friends. Now I suppose my prayers are all selfish.he seems to be remembering everything else .

Michael went home with his family.He is physically fine but suffering the reliving of some of his most painful moments. Everyday I pray God speeds up his healing so there are no more painful surprises awaiting him. I still have hopes that he will remember our little website and the friends he made here.Some days I am so full of hope and others not so much. But the most important thing was that he survive and he has done that.This site is the only way left to really contact him which really sucks I hope after a while that changes.It's out of my hands.