Tears For The Families Affected By That Horrific Shooting, In Conneticut, Their Classmates And Everyone's Lives That Will Forever Be Changed.

I have been an elementary and secondary teacher for over 35 years, have seen things, and learned things, through my multiple state's teaching experiences, that have taught me how vulnerable schools are, to intrusion by individuals that want to ****** kids, or commit acts of violence, unless it is so violent, so it is taken out of the hands of school personnel, such as Connecticut, Or Columbine, most were never reported to outside sources, instead, squelched to maintain the spotless record of the schools. I know that the emphasis in spending securities is utilized, mostly in the secondary schools, but, I believe there should be metal detectors, and large numbers of monitoring cameras in every elementary school, at present, they are far too vulnerable, what is the cost of more than 30 lives, such as those, taken in Connecticut? Our priorities have to change,
emil2009 emil2009
61-65, M
Dec 14, 2012