For Their Pain In Connecticut.

My heart is aching still for all those families and the children that they lost. My heart goes to you all with sympathy. I could never imagine what you feel and hope there is something that can bring solace to your hearts for your what you are missing.

My heart is grateful for having my family. Yesterday I kept Jman home because of cold. Kept him warm and meds to make him feel better (silly little cold). Now I am more thankful I was able to make my child homemade chicken soup.

Earlier tonight it was movie time. He wanted to lie in my bed to watch the movie. He spent almost a half hour trying to cover me with blankets to keep me warm and prop up my broken shoulder so he could lay next to me and not hurt me. Getting pillows just right. It was hysterical. He even made sure my feet were tucked in just right under the blankets to keep them warm.

I woke to find him not in the bed with me. Freaked out!!!! Actually that is an understatement. I started crying (yes this I do admit). Franticly went looking for him. Found him in his bed sleeping. Wrapped up all nice and warm (completely covered with blankets up past his head. Snoring like a logger.  (you know he is going to have a turtle headache in the morning.) What he doesn’t know is I spent more than an hour just sitting at the end of his bed watching him sleep.

It was not some weird perverse thing. It was me being thankful that I was still able to watch my child sleep ( beside the loud snoring  I guess I can deal with that). I have sat for more than 1 hr at his side praying to the higher powers to bring some peace to the hearts of their families. I felt selfish for not having the pain the parents from that school are going through. My heart goes out to all the families affected. It is not just the parents…… it can be the friends, the cousin’s, the aunts, the uncle’s, the grand parents, everyone…

Thank you the powers that be that I am blessed probably more than I deserve. Powers that be….. please … please…. Please. Find a way to bring some peace to the hearts of all that are hurt. Please give them guidance to remember all the good moments and not focus on what they are going to miss. They must remember all the good. Silly times. Bad times. First time outs. The first time of a diaper change and got a “shower”. First time they wrote on a wall with markers and you wanted to yell but laughed instead. The first time they smiled. When they clogged the toilet and ran because they were afraid. Or the time that they unrolled an entire roll as they ran across the house with it from the bathroom holder. Remember all the silly things they did.

I am thankfully that as I write this I am still sitting next to my son. He is still snoring. Still wrapped up like a pita pocket sandwich. I am thankful in the morning he is going to wake me up because he is yelling on his xbox ..”” dude you’re a newb….. ohh you where powned (or how ever it is said”

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