Last Night... My Own Vigil For Those Lost!!

This is a prayer I posted on facebook (which of course was not accepted). Part translated from Egyptian Isis prayers, part I wrote. Isis is the mother of protection in life and in passing. Her arms are always open to hold all and to help. (Goddess of many names.she is the main female in all religions. Not converting anyone.. ie no worries) It is in homage to the love a mother spirit and a child connect.

But for once... anyone familiar with my road actually the cars to slow to the actual speed limit or slower.The limit is 25.. people slowed instead of doing 50. Some beeped. Out on my front step just near the road there were 26 candles lighted. 1 more larger one for all the families hurt from this event.

As I stayed down on one knee I prayed to Isis for hours (get over the diff religion.. call her Mary if it makes you happy.. time to stop being negative towards others. JUST ACCEPT OTHERS)......

Cars slowed. Some cars stopped. Either they prayed with me or they thought I was some nut bag. :)

Anyways... here it goes.

Awake, Awake in peace. Rest thou in peace, Rise Thou in beauty, Beautiful in heaven. Heaven is at peace. Rest my little ones. The earth is the peace. Yet now my arms surround you so We all adore! We all hold love. Little ones little ones we are with you now. With hope and tears. Your your spirits are clear. You were loved during ALL your days. You will still be loved everyday. There is not a day that tears will go by when someone is not caring for you. Someone will always love you and think of you.

nehes, nehes, nehes....

Awake ,, awake,, awake.... Awake in peace!!!!!!! Rest now in peace.. Tua atu, Tua ata.... we all love you. ( ps. Tua atu.... means I adore you. )
sasha0309 sasha0309
36-40, F
Dec 16, 2012