No Not Enough Not Nearly Enough

Let me start of by telling you that I do not live in the USA - but I spend a fair bit of time there both on business and for pleasure with family and friends.

Your culture is to blame and at root mostly responsible for this horrible senseless situation - and unless and until you come to grips with it - this will happen with increased levels of regularity.

Examine ALL countries and ANY other country. There are significant differences on the availability not only of weapons but of ammunition as well. Just try and buy bullets in Canada - unless you have a permit you can not do so. In your country I as a non-resident can buy hundreds of rounds on line or in a department store. You want to know why this happens? Getting weapons is too darn easy. You hear about the odd event happening in other countries - but not with the frequency, the ease or the regularity that it happens in your country.

Your cowboy gun culture mentality has to change. When you as a majority decide that you love your children more than you love your guns it will change.

Hand guns are not allowed in the UK, if you are caught carrying a hand gun even although it has not been fired the minimum jail term is 5 years.

You have sittter penalties for pot than you do for illegal hand gun possession.  The whole world is staring and wondering why you can not get your act toether.  

When pelple were doing suicides with barbituates in the 1960;s that could be purchased easily they were banned.   Think about this.  

And your beloved NRA says what? Armed guards in schools - yes and in churches, movie houses. grocery stores, political rallies, - everywhere including in your bathroom. Really? Open your eyes - you are intelligent people and see what is happening in the rest of the world. The NRA held out Israel as an example - wrong - not just wrong totally wrong. There are high levels of regulation and control and testing - training and mental fitness testing - and an expiry date on all weapons permits and they are hard to get and not very common there. If you had the same regulations in effect you would not be burying so many children or adults from gun deaths.

Do I pray and shed tears - yes but for more reasons than you do. Clean up your act and do it now. I am not only saddened and broken hearted I am dismayed that you - the mightiest nation the world has ever seen can not itself see how to behave and act appropriately for our times. When this type of event happens I get very angry - very very angry because it did not need to happen and it was and is largely preventable. The regularity of these events has EVERYTHING to do with easy availability of weapons - it is the reason and the principle cause - deal with it.

No it did not take guts to write about what I know or observe. You want to know why and how I wrote this? - I am pissed off that is how and I am not a fool and I do not suffer fools well. What takes Guts - true GRIT is having the leadership to make a real change. I want to see your President, the House and the Senate and yes the Supreme court of the United states of America have GUTS and decide - decide to join the commonwealth of nations - and regulate - finally effectively regulate your insane gun culture. I want to see it effectively restrained and reduced. I want you to stop with this madness and stop believing that a gun represents liberty and freedom - it does not - liberty and freedom are divinely given to man by G-d and having guns and living in a fortress imprisons EVERYONE. I want to see if AMERICA has the courage to change - I doubt it because all I see is a lot of cowards with too many freaking guns.
pdqsailor1 pdqsailor1
51-55, M
Jan 13, 2013