Mahamanas Mahaanand

–the universal true eternal friend!

The great preceptor, the great incarnation of God, the great sage of the modern age. He is resident of true spiritual world.  Meaning of ‘MahaAnand' is the great joy. MahaManas is another name of MahaAnand.  MahaManas means great mind or cosmic mind.


   We know, he exists always in all of us–his devotees and disciples, though he is living out of sight. He hardly ever comes in public. Most of times he stays in Himalayas.  Even he won’t publish his photograph. “The Divine is in all, not in my Face alone”. We do not know what his age is. We see him as ever young. We are a few of the lucky men who stayed with him a few times.                                       

         As a man he is an extraordinary, talented, wise, noble-minded, and humanitarian. But there will be some wrong if we see him as a common man. We, a few persons, know that he has extra ordinary supernatural good powers, which he prefers to hide. To us, He is God.

           You may get His Blessings in many ways without having to seek His physical presence. By practicing ‘MahaManan’ and  'MahaSadhana’, He comes to you in unseen ways.

           By installing His picture (painted) at home or office, in open place, decorated with garland of flowers, increases peace, happiness and prosperity. Putting incense and a candle in front of His picture and by praying regularly twice a day, you will attain the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. By practicing these yoga you will get a more beautiful and peaceful life. For deepest self realization and self development, you will have to practice regularly.

             Your life will become more bright and delightful, being a member of ‘MMM’ and being a follower of MahaAnand. Promote His ability to reach out to many. You can use any media, The modern world has much to offer in terms of broadcasting the message of universal peace and love.

             Remember: at any time, in any situation, when calling Him, silently muttering His name 'MahaAnand’ repeatedly, you may receive His benedictions.


TheAdviser TheAdviser
Jul 24, 2010