Maha-yoga -5

The easiest way to get your desired thing or beloved one by the help of ‘MahaYoga-5’
If you can imagine it clearly, then you will get it in a near future. Sit or lie down on a comfortable bed, in a lonely room. Close your eyes. Mutter the name (spell) ‘MahaAnand’ three times, silently in your mind. After that, try to imagine your desired thing or beloved one. As much as you can imagine it clearly, so soon you will get it. Not as a still picture, you have to imagine it with your desired occurrence, like a motion picture.

Now keep it in your mind that the desired thing or beloved one must have to be a real or material. At a time you must have to desire only one thing or beloved one person. After getting one, you can try for another. Beware from illegal and inhuman works or desires. This practice is also‘Yoga’; it is a method of ‘Maha-Yoga’ of the most venerable MahaAnand, –the last incarnation of God of this age. To know about 'MahaAnand', please search through Google and Yahoo.

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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

uuuw tht sounds really cul n promising, I will try it n let you knw if it wrks