My Precious Story....

I just saw the movie about 2weeks ago. From the beginning, i couldn't stop the tears from falling. You see, i am "precious". I was verbally and physically abused by my mother. Yet she had (and still has) countless friends who believe that she is the nicest person in the world. Just like Mo'nique's character she put on a front for people so that she could get what she wanted from people. She put fear into me to make sure that i would never tell anyone what she considered to be family issues. Her exact words were 'i could kill you and the only thing they are going to do to me is make me spend 60days in a psych ward'.
I have never been overweight in my life. In fact I've been under the weight for my age for the majority of my life. Other than my stepfather (who was too afraid to leave her) and my sister,noone realized this was because my mother never kept food in the house. She would buy groceries and give all of them away to her friends and strangers.
She took me out of public schools because she didn't want me to have friends. Yet she refused to help me in homeschool. As i neared my senior year she would tell me that i needed to start looking into the military because i would never amount to anything as a high school graduate and that she wasn't going to pay for me to go to college because all i needed to worry about was getting into the military. When i told her that i didn't want to go she called me a stupid idiot that would never amount to anything. That i acted like i was too good to go to the military.
Later she found out that i was having sex(at 16 with my boyfriend). At which time she started bringing her male friends over. A few of them, she made me dance for. After a while, she meet a man who was in the entertainment business ( read:a pimp). She told me that since i didn't want to go to the military that i needed to do whatever this man wanted because i owed her for living with her.
Any objections i thought of making were met by throwing things,hitting me with wooden spoons, shoes,books,slapping me,and pushing me into walls.

So you see,i am precious as well....
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I'm sorry for not updating earlier, but I am no longer living with her. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen or spoken to her in over 4 years. I have moved to another state, and I am back in school (finally). But this is to improve my life and my daughter's.

Your Mom is sick. You are not who her sick mind says you are. You went through more than most people can comprehend. I was severely ________ abused. (fill in the blank with any form of abuse and more than likely it will apply to me.) <br />
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If I could go back in time and give my younger self advice, I would have said "Get therapy for this now!" I thought I was strong enough to overcome the ravages myself but the wounds run too deep. The anger inside was like molten lava and it was far beyond any human's ability to control the inevitable eruption. Therapy was hard work but amazingly helpful.<br />
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Unfortunately you will have people say "just get over it" or "quit living in the past." Those type of remarks are insensitive. With that said, as crappy as this seems, It is now your responsibility to "behave" well and function. The world doesn't give us any passes because we used to be victims, no matter how horrific. The ball is in our court to do the right thing EVERY time we are faced with any situation. You need help from a therapist to come to terms with what SHE did, in order to do that.<br />
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It will always hurt but you wiil learn to live it as best you can. I am still working on it, I will always have to work on it, and that's okay. I'm not perfect but I'm better.

Don't let your mom tell you ,you need to be with a man to move on in life .You can be and become whatever you want.Look for help sweety you can even go to the hospital or the police .I believe you can make in this life.

Are you sure your not my sister? My Mother was just like yours and I too am precious.I so feel for others today that went through what I did, we know at least it gave us the ability to identify and have emphathy. There are qualities we possess because of them I'm sure ,we are very special precious people . I too cried at the movies when seeing Precious.