I have suffered my whole life with my Gender issues. I still do to this very day! Anyone that doesn’t believe that read my stories.

We have come a long way in the last few years with education and the hard work of many in the Transgendered Community to gain our due rights. There have been many battles through out the years, for ending discrimination, sexism and all the rest. We stand in line, behind women’s rights, African American rights, gay and lesbian rights! And some that, maybe I have forgot to mention.

One year ago, there was finally a scientific study completed, that states: Transexuality is caused by a genetic flaw. As well as Gay and Lesbian issues.

So what does this mean? It means we don’t make this up. This is not just a figment of our imaginations. Previously in our Community we referred to real women as “Genetic Females” Now this, changes things. We as Transsexuals, have the privilege to identify ourselves as Genetic Women. And real women are now classified as Natal women.
For an example: I was born a Natal male. And nothing will ever change that! But, I am now a Genetic female. I can not, or ever will, be a natal female! It’s impossible.

We NEED to represent femininity in the most gracious manner! We need to make real women proud of us. Proud that we represent them! We must act and dress age appropriate, we must dress and act with class. And most importantly, we must earn respect. We are under society’s microscope.

We are who we say we are, and we are going no where! Society needs to understand that! We will be around forever!

Now, this next part is directed towards my own Community. Cross dressers, Transvestites and pre-op and post-op Transsexuals (now known as genetic females)

There are multitudes of respectful, hard working, people in our Community who are out, or struggling to be free and accepted. A lot of the pain we have endured is generational, as older cross dressers or Transsexuals.

Who I want to talk to is the filth, and the disgusting, people in our community or the internet. You know who you are! You are the ones that represent us in the most appalling manner, with nasty and vile, photos that show you body parts. The deplorable stories you have in your profiles, your fetishes and your immoral conduct. Who sits on the internet or the Community to prey on unsuspecting people or the trash that is interested in your filthy behavior! But the saddest part is when someone wants to learn about us, you are the first thing they see. YOU MAKE ME SICK!
I was at a support group for Transgendered individuals and their spouses of significant others. A young married couple came in because the women’s husband was struggling with his gender issues. She sat down with him, and looked across the room and saw a Neanderthal man sitting in a tight dress, with his legs spread open so everyone could see up there. I then heard the woman say to her husband “If this is what it is about, I don’t want any part of it” She got up and walked out, with him following behind! Later I heard that he killed himself! All because of one piece of filth, that she thought represented us and who we are…………..!

So I beg anyone that reads this! Please do not judge us by things you see that is perverse.
Judge the ones that show the most respect to womanhood and femininity. Like I pray you will with me.

I am she and she is me!

Jamie Lee
JamieLee1 JamieLee1
51-55, F
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Wow, for someone who has been through so much, who I am sure has been judged a great many times and called all manner of names by people, you sure are quick to start throwing judgements around yourself, calling people filth and disgusting, saying people make you sick..<br />
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You have a lot of hatred for yourself, you go as far as describing your condition as a genetic flaw, as well as that of homosexuals, I am sure they would be really happy about that! I am NOT a biologist, I have not studied this area in detail but I am more than certain it is not a genetic flaw. More than likely it is hormonal and just part of the natural variation of the human race. If you want to go around classifying yourself as having a gene disorder than that's your prerogative but don't apply that to others.<br />
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You need to deal with your own issues and live and let live. I have a sneaking suspicion that the day you stop hating on those around you will be the day you finally stop hating yourself.

OK, now my real critique. Obviously the flasher in the tutu was a gross and inconsiderate. The wife then made the mistake of assuming all ts/tv/ people were like that and shut down what may have been the last chance to save the person she loved. She didn't hold on long enough to find out that there was a lot more to the issue than a single disgusting individual.<br />
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No one deserves to die with the lonely pain her husband carried.

Acceptance is the key. That's acceptance of self (with all our problems), acceptance of society (including its problems), acceptance of others (including their problems). One thing, never confuse acceptance with acquiescence. Acceptance is nothing more than a recognition of reality. What you do with the reality is an entirely different question.<br />
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That's not something I read in Reader's Digest. It's something I've learned to live on a daily basis for twenty five years.<br />
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You see, I'm an alcoholic who has been sober by the grace of my Higher Power since 1987. That's not something I've written any stories about for EP.<br />
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There are two books I'll recommend. "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions", also known as the 12 and 12 is one. Also, I especially recommend "As Bill Sees It", by Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It has a lot of useful insights into the nature of alcoholics and people in general. You can easily find both of them through any local AA group. Easy to find, we're the only secret society in the yellow pages.<br />
<br />
Of the 12 Steps to sobriety of AA, alcohol is only mentioned in Step 1. The rest of the program is just a pretty good way of getting along in life. It can apply equally to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and atheists.