I Am Reclaiming The Title Of 'precious' In A Different Context In Australia It Is Often Used As A Perjorative Term

I recall hearing a frenemy saying to someone else about me - she's going to help me out with x project, she isn't too precious to help - or words to that effect. So I realised I'd got this reputation with this group for being 'precious'
Well f you ladies - I am genuinely PRECIOUS and I am a treasure and I deserve a better group of people to hang out with than you lot!
Needless to say I left that group of clickey cows!!!! Still smarting though but I reclaim my precious-ness - in the positive way it has been used on Experience Project!!! We are each of us a gift from god, a little miracle of nature and that includes me too! (and you too dear reader!)
Pavlova8 Pavlova8
May 5, 2012