Unatainable Love


How does it feel to want & need, but always gave it, and never had the divineness of receiving it in return.

I want someone who loves me so much, and wants to be with me, that they love to kiss, hug, hold, nurture, and fondle me. They go out of their way to make me happy!

Someone who knows me and respects me so much that they will go out of their way never to hurt me or make me sad or angry in any thought, word or deed.

Someone, who doesn’t turn away, when I talk to them, someone who loves the way I smell, look and act,

Someone who will go to any extent to make me happy first! Send me flowers. Someone who will allow me to be jealous, because, after all what is jealousy, but the beauty and the epitome of the most divine love and affection. The need, for the possessiveness, of the person that you love so dearly?

Someone that will hold me for-ever without expecting anything in return!

Someone who wants to bath me, touch me, scratch me, understand, honor, cherish me like I was their idol.

Someone who won’t question when I make mistakes! Someone who won’t comment negatively towards me in any manner when I error. I want someone, who will allow me to alter my mistakes by loving me, without comment, but with suggestions.

Someone who will understand how special I am without needing or wanting objects to be placed on a higher pedestal.

Someone who will not question how I sleep, drink, eat or interact with others because they know I am smart and intelligent and they want to learn from me, they know I will make the right decisions.

Someone who will never pressure me to make decisions that they expect, however, share their same needs, desires, and wants so I may love them also!

Someone, who will stand by me through thick and thin, thru trials and tribulations,

Someone who will understand that I must know and understand , who and what I am, my wants & needs, before I can give them back anything in return.

Someone who will allow me to give them in return all the above only after they have given it to me first, because they love me so much!

Someone who will understand that I have given all the above to people first and now I need it in my life!

Someone who hears the name Jamie Lee and thinks it is the most beautiful, majestic and musical sound they have ever heard before. And lastly love to say it again and again they love the sound and resonations it makes in their own voice!

Jamie Lee

Written: 7/26/07
JamieLee1 JamieLee1
51-55, F
3 Responses May 10, 2012

I had that once. I love him so much :(

Wow, I would love that, too. I think I had it in the palm of my hand once, briefly. Now all is gone forever...

This is what all of us want, but very few find anymore. Too many selfish people in this world.