Can This Be Done?

This is a time to become aware and acknowledge the uniqueness and beauty of your spirit upon this planet. Many seek the sensational, rather than the truth! Many accept the gift of becoming attuned to the spirit, the soul, the essence of their being!

Those who deny or resist the spiritual changes will experience anger & frustration. This is because the spirit has been repressed and hidden away. It will come fourth now with greater power. The energy of the spirit bubbles up into consciousness demanding to be realized.

Those who embrace the energy will feel release and free!

Those who resist will create negative feelings! Trust yourself.

You have the power to make decisions to choose which way to go, to choose what you really prefer! YES you have the power to prefer, and that makes you a partner in the power of living, the CAUSE rather than the EFFECT.

Thought has the power to change reality. Your own thoughts can do so much that you would be shocked, if you knew the full extent of it. In one way changing your thought simply changes your PERCEPTION OF YOURSELF!

By creating positive images in another, alters your internal energy pattern, which in turn alters your deeper psychological self. The change is real, not a habit or the reinforcing of an illusion you’ve created.

You will come forth as independent individual, to share your heart, to share the fullest expression of your being. REJECT the rigidities of the past.

You are not going to change the billions of people on the planet. Transformation is within the individual. Have the fullest expression of being the totality of the self.


Jamie Lee
JamieLee1 JamieLee1
51-55, F
4 Responses May 14, 2012

oh my, thank you for this. I needed to hear this i have been going through so much struggle, so much turbulence in my heart and soul. I have felt so powerless and negative, distraught over circumstances i have no power over. But here, you have shown me that i do have a choice, my thoughts and my decision to have power and effect not only myself but others in my life. thank you for these beautiful words.

Hi Jamie, I believe fear comes from the unknown. For example: if one is going to get an injection you may fear it but after you have one then the next of the same kind still may cause aprehension but the total fear is not there because you know what to expect. Knowing what to expect "usually" calms most fears.

that sounds interesting....!!!

Inspiring words! Thanks for sharing Hun

Thank you for reading my stories. Don't learn too much about me, I am dangerous......