Real Love Is Truly Precious

Everything I have ever embraced as Divine, or healing or absolute acceptance. Has been for the Love of  the one who

Healed my emotional scars uplifted my Soul unto it's happy home in total understanding.

I went from being a gift I gave away hopefully, to having

limitless gifts from Love thru' Love to Love gratefully, gracefully, descend  upon my open heart that I was allowed and still am.

To be designated to give all of spiritual love and healing to family, friend and stranger alike.

My one eternal great true Love, now is in Spirit while our son and I long for his healing presence.  I know  he is with me helping me help our son.

As above So below do we work together still. 

Yet if there is one thing that may have hit the "precious" button .  It would have been the truth and fact that I thought for the first 2 yrs.

 of the decades that we were married on earth.  I believed we were identical twins.  I fell into his eyes, Soul and heart, mind and there I was 

reflected so purely and securely without doubt but with unutterable wonder.  We two (previously only children in our growing up lives)

had found one another....identical twins.  Since it took the cruel cruel world that needs such great healing, the full 2 years to stop my walking on air and

to see, we were actually sacred twins and mates I discovered , on the inside.  On the outside we were entirely different races. Apparently

quite on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I was some kind of Caucasoid  with all the required nationalitiesand he was an African/American Indian blend

who called his skin his "space suit". 

I adore you Darling.  I will never be parted from the everlasting Now of our Divine Real Love.. Your perfect Love is my strength and actions I am

working to role model.  Love does not die, losing track is not an option.  Hold on as you have been.  I won't be ever letting go.

Infinite Light Love

and Sacred Goodness are The Blessed Ties that Bind.



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KMH June 5, 2012
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Your love shines through crystal clear in this delightful yet sad post.You know that the two of you will always be one,his spirit is with you now and always living within you until you join together in heavens paradise.God Bless the two of you.

I wish in my life I could have found and kept that level of Love