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I had what I like to call an "interesting" childhood.  There were some really dark times that always seemed to be matched with really bright times.  More than anything, I learned early on that you don't talk about the dark times.  That is something I am still dealing with today.  Its just not something I do... but it is something that in my way, I am coming to terms with.  That is all a story for a different time.

I was thinking about this prompt -- who is "Precious" to me?  Who has made a difference in their own way in my life.  I would and could call attention to one particular person, but I think in doing so, I would end up ignoring others... others who also made such a great difference in my life.

So... I just want to take the opportunity to thank every single instructor I had at Community College.  So often people talk of the pedigree of university education.  I have seen the level of respect that dropping a name like Harvard or Stanford can have on others... and ultimately I finished my education at a pretty good university... but it was the great teachers that I had at community college that really taught me the things I needed.  The things I needed to be learn how to be me, how to be confident, how to be OK.  I learned what I was really good at... and, actually, that I was good at something.  For the first time, if you can believe that, I still remember the experience when I was talking with a professor and she told me that I was really good at something... and that I believed her.  That I didn't just think she was paying me lip service.

All of these people made the difference in my life.  And for that, I thank each and every one of them.


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Whats the net worth?

I work a community college now and I taught at a small college geared toward rural and urban students who were for the most part working poor and first generation and I loved it! Those students had so much to give and watching them achieve through the doubt many of them had about their ability to succeed in college and achieve their dreams in life was truly the gift. We were all rooting for them and took a personal stake in their success and when I saw them transferring to a traditional school and earning bachelors and masters degrees or getting great jobs- I loved it and it was as much of a fulfilling event for me as it was for them. I see my old students all the time in the community and to have them come up to me and tell me how well they are doing and can remember things from class or something I told them years ago- it was all worth it. Hooray for Community Colleges!

This story is quite precious story itself, help all of our fellow EPers realize things that we are not so aware of!

Wow this is powerful.I appreciate this post so much.People don't truly understand how thing seemingly little things can affect us so much.I went to a community college for a little bit also .The reason is I wanted to see if I could achieve that before regular university.I remember when I made my first straight As and I was in so much really boosted my confidence level because I didnt think i could do it.<br />
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Charity<br />

Glad you had a great time after everything you went through. ("Community" is a TV about a community college, and there're characters about your age! I'm sorry about plugging it. I just like it).

I think it is great that you had positive role models....numerous studies have concluded that child or young adults that have at least one positive role model in their lives can overcome great adversity. I think that’s an important thing for us all to think about when interacting with children, or youths. <br />
I would also encourage you to talk to someone about the bad childhood experience you have faced! I personally know how challenging that can be...but you don’t need anything to stand in your way! Good luck!

I am in community college right now at age 38! Woohoo! Going for my RN! I have had amazing professors so far. My first psychology teacher was a practicing child psychologist and really was an absolutely wonderful person who made the class exciting and I learned a whole lot. Another that stands out was my English professor who was in her first year teaching and she was fabulous! I have an Algebra professor now who has finally made me understand algebra which is a real He and I were just discussing how at major universities they don't really tend to care about teaching because they are more concerned about research and such. I LOVE community college and I will actually receive my Associates Degree in the nursing program with them so no one should feel bad about community college in my eyes!

Community College was probably the most important educational experience I had. The professors and lecturers were so into teaching. Transferring from community college to the U.C. system was pretty shocking -- the professors there weren't concerned with teaching at all, more about researching or writing their next "big thing." Very disappointing. Thank god I went to community college.

i am very happy for you. yes, there are wonderful teachers everywhere and what we learn from them is lot more important.

I'm so glad to hear someone say this. It's highly likely that I'll be going to community college in a year.<br />
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I go to a high school that's highly academically successful (always ranks in the top 3-5 public schools in the nation). As a result, most of my friends are extremely studious and successful in school/extracurriculars and LOVE to name-drop universities that they are devoting their whole lives to get into.<br />
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In my opinion, learning is an amazing experience, but life is about learning so much more than just school and typical extracurriculars can teach you. I had a feeling community college couldn't be that bad, but a lot of my peers make it sound like if you go there you've failed in a major way. Thanks for clearing that up!

It doesn't matter where the good teachers are. They're everywhere! There are a few good teachers that stand out in my mind, from different time periods in my life. I will be eternally grateful for what they gave me - a sense of self respect, accomplishment. They challenged me, sometimes to a point where I thought that I hated them - but it was really because they knew what I was capable of.

I too attended community college before I headed off to UC Berkeley -- sorry to name drop the pedigree there. ;)<br />
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The funny thing is that as much as I loved my time at Berkeley, I really do think that my time at Community College was the best, most eye-opening experience of them all.<br />
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Glad to see I am not alone on that sentiment.