I joined this group but immediatly felt unworthy when I read the other stories shared in this. There are many people whom I know, however, that do deserve a mention.

My parents.

My sister.

My Granny.

My cousins.

My Aunty and Uncle.

All in their own way who have saved my life over and over again.

Then there are those who have saved me without even realising.

The nurse who sat with me the night I miscarried. Who held my hand and went through everything with me over and over again.

Dave. Who made me want to be alive again.

Beth. Who is the most precious of them all.

Alexi. Who can play at being stupid when he needs to be and play at being the sensible one too.

Then there's the people on here. Those who I still talk to and those who I don't.

Flutter, even though we no longer speak, she was an amazing friend who means the world to me still.

Misery, who kept me sane when I moved to the sticks.

BobFrost, he knows what he's done.

KindaMagic, the hugs and love he sends.

c0w, for being c0w

Arorin, for being Arorin

Floydboy, for being one of the most supportive people I have ever met and love.

Salar for sending me the awful jokes when I need them the most.

TendereyesPrincess for being a beautiful friend.

BleedingLovesLust, for being the most honest and amazing woman I have ever met.

I know that's not everyone, but each person in my now smaller circle means the world to me. I hope that somehow I can repay you all for being precious to me.

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I found it hard to not go hearting this before reaching the bottom. Notice i say bottom and not the end as your list will go on as you move on. It is not the end :) Now i can heart this <3

thank you

well, fun read

this is long one, I am glad to be back here. I saw a movie similar but what movie is this I am missing?

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....Iza was on here too.<br />
<br />
Thanks Ers xx

So ninjabelly said that weirdos were interesting or something? Yeah... I can see that.

I think it was ninjabelly!

They probably were, soop... now, let's think. Who were you back in November?

Just saw this.... and now I want to know what the comments were that got deleted.... lol!

aw that's lovely

People, people who need people,<br />
are the luckiest people in the world!<br />
We're children, needing other children,<br />
and yet letting our grownup pride<br />
hide all the need inside,<br />
acting more like children,<br />
than children.<br />
<br />
Lovers, are very special people,<br />
they're the luckiest people in the world!<br />
With one person, one very special person,<br />
a feeling deep in your soul,<br />
says you were half, now you're whole,<br />
no more hunger an' thirst,<br />
but first be a person who needs people,<br />
people who need people,<br />
are the luckiest people in the world<br />
― are the luckiest people in the world!

aw thank you

Miss cakes ..... you are one of the most complete individuals I know .......


thats an order?

No, you got to talk to me insted

I thought i'd comment, but then i decided deserve a if you'll excuse me on msn can i work on it?? :P

Hehe ok

Intersting? Isn't that what you call weirdos?

Thank you

thank you, for by you writing this short and very enlighting comment, others may realize how much support and love for everyone has out there. in all aspects of life

LaLa...<br />
<br />
I notice something very interesting here... that you offer a mix of precious people that are both very much your "family" in the traditional sense as well as your EP "family."<br />
<br />
As a core member of Team EP and, I like to think at least, a core member of the EP community as well... I find this a very special, a unique sentiment that makes me smile probably as much as these people make you smile each day.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing. For opening up.