God Sent Me An Angel To Answer My Prayer

 i am an only child. my mother died when i was thirteen. my grandma died a few months later. i grew up and had a daighter...i tried again but my baby died before birth.  I prayed to God to send me a baby in some way since i could not have one, one that i could keep forever. Well, God has strange ways. My daughter got pregnant at sixteen and would never divulge the father. The day my grandaughter was born was the greatest day in my life. i could feel Gods presence. I cut the cord and there she was...exactly as i had envisioned her, darker than me or my daughter, lots of hair, in her eyes you could see a spark of knowing, as if she had been here before. When she looked at me she broke out in a big grin and her eyes widened. She knew me. God had sent her. Her name is Marysa and she is sixteen now. She is the most precious gift God had to give me. She is a Christian, she has all the traits her Mom and I only wish we had. My life has been full of strife, abuse, hurt, loss and pain, but all of that is small price to pay for the Precious Gift i have been allowed to raise. 

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A great way to look at what God does.... Sometimes we just focus on direct answers to our prayers only , forgetting that God in His own wisdom, knows better how to answer us. I'm inspired by your story and will soon write mine....

God had blessd you with this child. She was meant to be born to give you all this happiness.

I can't even begin to imagine what my life would like without my brother and sister in it. I take them for granted at times -- if not most of the time -- but it's stories like yours that me take a step back, take in the whole of my existence, and be thankful for those people who are precious to me...

you were patient and you trust God so you deserve to be given this precious gift.*_*

CP... it sounds like this wonderful child is a "precious" gift to both of you!<br />
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Do you find that she has brought both you and your daughter closer to each other than perhaps you would have been without? I mean you can't necessarily know, because that's not the way life played out. ;)<br />
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My mother had my sister at a very young age -- 15 -- and at the time in her small town it was quite an experience of being shunned and turned away from school so as not to set a bad example for the other girls and so forth.<br />
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I know that my mom and my sister were very close -- almost growing up together at times. I wonder if you see this two in the relationship between your daughter and granddaughter.<br />
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Children are gift of God, angels. I love kids and though I don't have a grandchild yet, I know how you feel.