Changing Lives

 At the age of eight I was reading at a below kindergarten level.  I wish I could say, I wasn’t trying but every night I would sit at the kitchen table with my parents struggling to read but getting nowhere.  I wish I could say it was become I wasn’t born in the U.S. and because I moved here late in age but the truth is I arrived in America at the age of three and my mother even in our homeland had attained her college degree in American Literature.

I was struggling and I didn’t know why and worst of all, I didn’t see any way out.

Then I met Jodie.  She was a volunteer tutor from our local library.  She was a Harvard grad and had a management position in one the largest software companies in the world.  She had attained in her life what so many families dream of as they emigrate to the U.S. 

In my eyes she was the American dream.

She was patient, she was precious and in less than 2 years my reading was at grade level.  The following year I was recommended for advanced courses.  She changed my life and did what copious reading courses and hours of practice at the kitchen table had failed to do.

I later visited the public library where I had met Jodie and began tutor myself.  I wanted to impact anothers life the way Jodie had done for me. 

Jodie has now become a long time family friend.  Her friendship is a constant reminder of the magnificent changes we can make in people’s lives. 

She is no short of precious.



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I love this

I am very happy for you, that you discovered a caring tutor from your local library, My late hubby was a volunteer literacy tutor himself. My life changing moment was I believe when I was 10 my mom's cousin introduced me to the artwork of the French Post Impressionistic painter Toulouse-Lautrec. That started my life long love of art appreciation and art appreciation. I majored in art history at a nearby university in Phila, PA. My paintings been in various art galleries in Phila, PA, suburbs, Baltimore MD, Orlando FL, and NYC for over 20 years.

Hi, Well thats what I'd call a catalyst. I guess many of us need someone to act as a catalyst in our lives to get going and once we do there is no stopping us! Keep up the good work you are doing and I hope you become a catalyst to many young kids out there who like you are currently roaming around in the wilderness of uncaring adults and others.

Thank you, sometimes all we need is someone who will believes in us- invest time in our lives<br />
Keep going and never give up!

How wonderful!


It is so lovely to hear all of you have fond memories of learning to read. I was a reading whiz, beginning when I was 3 or 4, and by the time I was in high school I could read adult material. Of course this had always helped me, and I taught my children to read very early, and am working on my grandchildren too. I am so glad to hear everybody 's good news. cheap sell Brand Sports Shoes ,football shoes, basketball shoes,fashion purses,apparel,sunglasses etc.

I credit my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Hardy, with fostering my love of reading! She'd let me sit anywhere, skip any lesson as long as I had a book in hand and my nose in the pages.<br />
<br />
At first, I think I was "fooling her" (of course not fooling anyone). But when you actually have a book in hand, and have nothing else distracting you, you're going to read it. <br />
<br />
I became a major bookworm, and I owe it all to Mrs. Hardy!

What a special story. My library and librarians were nowhere as cool as this!

I volunteer w/kids myself and often wonder the impact I have on them. Will a couple of hours a week really make a difference? Thank you for your story. It has encouraged me to keep going...