My Dad Is Precious

I would have to say there are many who hold a special place in my heart. But of all the ones of all it would have to be my Dad. He has always made me feel really good about myself. I guess like a princess. I was the only girl so yeah I was spoiled. He is the kind of person that makes you feel wonderful even if you are having an aweful day. So he has made me feel precious all these years and he is precious to me!

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15 Responses Nov 5, 2009

Aww thats so sweet, I wish i had a dad like that. hahaha :)

Thanks Misssunderstood I appreciate you!

That's nice cheers!

He is a wonderul man as Id say yours is-we are so lucky!

He is a wonderul man as Id say yours is-we are so lucky!

This is a beautiful tribute. Your description reminds me so much of my own dad, and I feel the same way about him. I'm sure your father is very proud of you. :)

Thanks Celticknight That is great!

Thanks my friend. My Mom and me dont really connect but I do love her.

Great post, my Mom always makes me feel great so I understand.

Thanks Jake I know I jut wish we lived a little closer-thanks

Sometimes... distance doesn't matter when you have such a great connection. At least that's the case for me. Do you feel similar?

Awe that was a sweet thing to say-thankyou!

Heartfelt story your both blessed :) happy for u both!no wonder why your so wonderful ur a reflection of lov..

I do I just wished he lived closer-560 miles away! Thankyou

Glad for u, I lost mine as a child, who was so dear to me. Treasure every moment.