Pfc Cutler

PFC Justin Theodore Morris Cutler. He's my fiance. We met two years ago, he's absolutely amazing. He's my muse, my inspiration, my heart. He means the world to me and I love him for everything he is. He's changed my life in many ways and I can't wait til we get married. I love him more than anything.  God brought him into my life and I couldn't see myself with out him. He's my other half. There are a million things I could say about him... but, I have plenty of stories about him. =) It's never enough, but all I can say is that I love him.

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5 Responses Nov 6, 2009

God is good....

I pray that your love lasts and grows. Sounds like God has given you a good and perfect gift.

wow. I dnt even know you but so happy for you! Im really touched by the love you have for your sugar daddy. Heres to love. Here here :)

Thank you, Jake. =)

Love is an amazing thing... and when it comes a knockin'... like opportunity... you must grab it.<br />
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I am glad to see that you have! Thank you for making me smile on a Friday evening. ;)