I Am Precious..

I am precious because I have the love of the most amazingly, beautifully, wonderfully, perfect Airman I've ever known. It was a long hard road for me to get here, going through guys like tissues, more then one pregnancy scare, abusive relationships, both from my boyfriends and parents, a sister in rehab, two suicide attempts, and let down after let down in my life. But when I met Will, all of that went away. He fell in love with me on sight, and it took me two years to 'unfriend-zone' him. I was so broken inside, I believed that I was only worth what someone would metaphorically pay for me. It took a lot of meds, a lot of therapy, and a one year absence of Will in my life to realize that I was worth something good, and if someone was going to be with me, they better treat me right. I started dreaming of having a family, a little house on a hill in Seattle, with a black picket fence to boot. I started talking to Will again, and we went on a trip to Disneyland, and then it hit me: I've been in love with my best friend, with Will, since I met him. I broke down, sobbing in his arms in the middle of the fireworks for the Holiday time at Disneyland, and told him I love him. We've been together ever since, and we're getting married as soon as he officially inducted into the AF. He's changed my life, and I can't live without my skinny blonde boy. I just thought you guys might want to know.

Mebeshe Mebeshe
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2010