That's What My Friends And Family Say's

I have given my Life into helping Friends & Family members, for the past ten years of my Life.  I started, taking vare of my granmother in Sept. of 2001,  first she was loosing weight, but I fixed it to, were she is gaining weight, and then she has trouble remembering things, and to this day i am still working on this one.  I feed, and see that she get a bath, has clean clothes to wear, I stay with her thru day and night, and take care of her bills, and see's that she makes all of her Dr. appt.  Then, into the year of 2005, my dad was starting to get sick and going to loose his kidney's, because he had cancer and I was taking care of him, too!  So, I had two patients, and was seeing that both meet with their DR. appt. , and he had a strick diet to follow, and I made sure, he stuck to it.  Then I, had to learn to use the kidney machine with my mother, and that resumed up until his death of April of 2007.  Then, in the mean time, I had put my health on hold, and I was, and had (colon) cancer, but has been removed for now.  I sugar levels bottom out from time to time, but I have it under control now, and I have lost 12 inches in waist now,

But, my mother was and had cancer (breast), she was dia. in the spring of 2008, and I tookk her to her Dr. appt. , put her on a strick diet, and the day she found out she had breast cancer, she also found out she had diabetes, too!  I lost my beloved mother on May 28th, 2009.  In the mean time I am still taking care of my grandmother, how will  be 96 years old, this July.  When all this, was going on?   Some of my relatives had called Social Services on me and I was told , that they had complants , that she (grandmother) was begin abused, negelected, and that her house was dirty?  Well, this went on for three visits, and yet, had never found out any wrong doing.  So, now I have a multi-million $ lawsuit pending against relitives.  Now, I not only take care of my grandmother, I take care of the family estate, pay my own bills, and take of two homes.  I have relatives in Washington State, Flordia, South Carolins, and Georgia. who to me are dead beats, none of which will help me in any way. shape or form.  That's the reason for the lawsiuts.  I am also going for the ones who turned me in to Social Services.  But, all is well, till this past week-end, when the roof to my home not far from here collasped on it's self, and now the insurance company has put me on hold, and I have contractor's on the move to do a rebuild, just as soon as the weather, breaks.  We have, had so far 80 + inches of snow, so far since Dec. of 2009, and it's still coming down as I write this!  I also, help my friends here and in town.  I am a town counilman, I serve on the Board of the Local Chamber of Commerce, I am President of the Neighborhood Watch Program, I over see the Children's Youth Council, and help my friends run a resturant on the week-ends, when the need occurs.  If it weren't for friends and family, I would have been dead years ago, because i thought I was useless, and noone wanted me around..

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 26, 2010