My Mom Had A Mean Side To Her (abusive Moma)

My mom and dad met when my dad was in the service (navy) My dad was from Wisconsin and my mom from South Carolina. She was 17 and poor in a family of 9 children with an aloholic dad. My dad was in a family of 12 with an aloholic dad, my dad was 18 when he met my mom. They got married after a couple of weeks of knowing each other. He was her ticket out of SC.  Then one year later or less I was born,  dad would go out and leave mom at home and mom was angry about that. She hung onto her anger and took it out on me. She would pull my hair, yell scream swear and digg her nails into me and punch me. When I was 21 I did forgive her. When I was 28 my mom asked me to forgive her. I todl her I did years ago,  One day I just asked God to take away the burden that I couldn't carry it any more. I didn't want to hate my mom or anyone or have bad feelings for her. The day I prayed for that I just felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. what a wonderful feeling. Since then I haven't had a hatred feeling for anyone since. I have come to understand about my moms hurt, I hurt for her because she has so much unforgiveness and pain in her heart that she is angry with everyone and trusts no one and is paranoid which comes down to " You see in other what you see in yourself" If you trust no one you do not turst yourself.

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You are so correct about the trust issue.

forgiveness can be such a hard thing to posess, I know. But in the Lord everything is possible.<br />
I feel empathy for your upbringing, I was in similar situation. I'm so glad you're o.k.<br />
Praise the Lord, he gave you the miracle of forgiveness.<br />