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I was so wrapped in in my own life that i did not have time for the opposite sex. this all changed when i met him. he was everthing i dreamed of in a man. We had so much in common.  We spent a lot of our free time together talking about books that we read and places that we have traveled to in the past. We had made plans and decided that we were happy couple.  Then i got knocked up and he decided that day that he had no interest in me or our child i am carrying. I felt as if he just took my heart and balled it up like a piece of paper. He was mad because i did not let him control my descions and i honored my freedom of pro choice. I think about him and often wonder he realize how he has changed my life. I had a two year goal that i am in the process of completing and i did not expect an unplanned pregnacy.  I will surrive with or with out him i just need some support.

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Wow, that took guts. This story is touching.

it happened to me too and i dated the man for 4 years. It could have been worse- you could have married him like i glad you didn't .. I went on to having the most amazing daughter anyone could wish for. that is what i wish for you!

He just told me that I should abort because he is not ready and I thougth it is about him not about what I feel. When I refused, he told me he should stop seeing each other. I will survive and I am happy for being pregnant

my mom had that same problem when she was pregnant with me. my dad just got up and left because i wasnt a boy and i wasnt by his wife

Its so unfair how men can just up a leave whenever they feel like it. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. You'll do just great by yourself, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. x

asking?<br />
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she needs to demand it

gurl i will give u sum support kuz im going thro the samethang<br />
<br />
im 13 and this guy shaq is 14 <br />
well..we started having 1 night stands and i got knocked up and then we started dating and he broke up with me over sum krzii stuff <br />
im 3 months preagnat with his baby and he nos and he wont have nuttin 2 do with it so gurl i feel ya there<br />
shaq is dating my cousin now and all dat breaks my heart dat my own family is goin 2 date him <br />
well gosta go<br />

The stone that the builder refuse shall become the head corner stone.'this is a caribbean proverbs meaning the one that you throw away and dont want is the one youll need

I understand I feel the same way you do!

Typical man

Good riddance to bad rubbish, doll. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Name the baby William/Wilhelmina, and you'll have the NotShatner's vote forever. ^_~

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how it’s possible for people to just flip the script like that! Especially men! I mean, I guess it shouldn’t be that hard for me to understand because people I’m involved with are telling me all the time that they never know what they’re gonna get out of me from one day to the next, I change so much. But, to be all happy with a person one minute then act like you never even did anything together?? God! That is just so hurtful. I have to say, though, that I’ve always been grateful I’m not a man, for this reason. I mean, it does kinda suck that the men don’t really have a say in whether or not they’re going to become a father cuz it’s “the woman’s body.” I realize both parties are taking a mutual risk when they have sex together but, once the woman becomes pregnant, the man is just screwed. So, if he didn’t want any children, I can understand why he may have suddenly been turned off of you. It SUCKS majorly, though, and I really empathize with you. Raising children is hard…especially in a family unit that is off-balance, with one parent absent. But, I did it. We’re not perfect but, I managed to raise really good human beings. With NO money. You seem to have a decent head on your shoulders. I believe you can manage. But, it’s not easy, I promise you that. The rewards of motherhood are priceless but the heartaches are just as humongous…and it’s really hard to do it on your own.<br />
I wish you the best with this journey you have begun!!!