I Am 27weeks Pregnant

i can considered it a wonderful blessing having a baby inside my tummy, i can't explain how happy i am for having him. My husband and I already knew the gender our baby is a boy, my husband set a name for him he will be kean cyrus in the future. As i stated on my previous stories I was in Riyadh KSA for work but as God's plan I've met my husband there and we got married and now i am pregnant. Its a great twist in our lives because we don't even think that we will find each other in arab country. As of now i go back here in the Philippines because we chose that i will delivery my baby here because its difficult to delivery in riyadh we don't have relatives their to take care of me after the delivery but here in the Philippines all my family members are her to comfort and care for me. Im so excited to delivery my baby I am a little bit bored for waiting on the expected date of delivery because it will happen on october 17,2010..88 days from now,,hehe i was fond of counting how many days left before i can carry,fed,play and take care of my baby...I am so happy right now.
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How is the little one :)