I'm Am Pregnant Again But Still Not Sure Of The Out Come

in August 2012 I was ten weeks and three days pregnant I have my first scan and the doctors told me there Concerns and rushed me to the hospital there they told me I had to undergo a operation to remove my tube and my baby........ my world stopes and my heart sunk I never new any thing like that could happen...... b4 going to hospital I seen my baby move around like a healthy baby they told me baby was not in the right place that was my first baby..... four months after I am now pregnant and over the moon..... I have has me scan and blood rest I am in deed with child again but my scan did not Clarify as to we're my baby is siting.... I now have to wait for two weeks to see we're baby is as I may only have been one week pregnant so it's still to early...... has any one got any Advice for me please that would be great....
Aprilhillman Aprilhillman
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I hope that it all goes well... Women like u give me hope to try again... I had the same experience 2 days ago... I pray your baby is in the right place... Everything will be fine...

yes every thing went really well I have had a baby boy whom now is five months old..... head held high and do what you think is right...... follow your hopes and dreams and you'll get there..... because it Certainly is Achievable if you put your mind to it..... I never listen to my gp as all the info I was told just pulled me down..... so honestly your body will tell you right from wrong!!! my body did :)