My Baby!

in two days! i find out if its a boy or a girl! and according to legend, if u carry low its a boy. which i am but who knows :)
im so excited!! im just hoping my bf tyler will stick around. i'm 21 weeks today! =D if anyone else is a teen mommy or a pregnant mommy do talk to me! i'd love to share experiences :) im so excited to know my baby's gender!!

:) :)
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2010

hay my name is maggie I not pregant. But i have had friends who were. If you need a friend or someone to talk to my number is 514 961 0827 call or text me anytime.

Hi.Im Carly =) i'm 15 and 14 weeks pregnant.If you want we can talk my email is name is Megan, and I'm 17 (almost 18) and am about 2 months pregnant. I'd love to talk, I'm been searching for forums to chat...and am a little lost. I'm trying to find answers and stuff. My email is feel free to e-mail me whenever. Thx!