I'm 14 And I Think I Am Pregnant.

Last Friday, i came home with bad cramps and headaches. I thought i was just getting my period. I got home and went to the bathroom and found blood in my pants and thought good it is only my period. A couple weeks before, me and my boyfriend were laying on his couch but it got serious and we ended up having sex. We didn't use protection because he did not have any. Now I think im pregnant because i only had my period for two days. I'm really afraid if i am my mom will kick me out of my house. and i would have no one because i don't now how my boyfriend would react. Please help me!!!
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Hopee Everythingg Goes Fine.....

Oh dear. I'd get checked if I was you! How old is your boyfriend may I ask? If you are pregnant.. well you're going to have to deal with that.. You'll be able to get help. <br />
I'm not going to give you the thumbs up though, because sex at 14 isn't the greatest way to start out on life.<br />
Good luck though.

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keep your legs crossed next time

what do you mean?

If you are in fact pregnant my wife and I do offer help for teens who are pregnant...if you want give us a shout and we will gladly help you.

See a doctor. Depending on where you live, I believe you can go to a walk in clinic where they are obliged to keep your private business confidential. It is possible you are not pregnant, but may have contracted an STD. Go to a clinic. Get it checked. Deal with the reality, when you know for sure. Until then, take care of your health.

Thank you!

Good luck