Uh Oh...

Hey everyone! Im 14 and...PREGNANT! My period was late and my mom started to get suspicious..first off let me say, my mom is my best friend! So were really close. Her and I both had a feeling that the test would be positive. Well it was, obviously. But she looked at the test and her face went blank and she checked twice to see if two lines meant positive..she was speechless. I felt horrible because id known I had disappointed her but she told me " I love you no matter what" She was shaken up at first but then she acted so supportive! I know she will be here for me the whole way! It makes me happy to know that I can have my mom here to help me through my troubles! I love her and now im pregnant :) Im kinda nervous but I cant wait to have baby bear! <3 yeah I know its not the smartest to get pregnant at 14 but hey, everything happens for a reason! :)
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2012

Gratz on the baby :)

Ur welcome :)

Wanted to say congrats! Again :) lol and if you ever need advice u know u can message me whenever. I'll be here for you like you were for me during this hard time :)