548 (Pregnant) Days Of (Lesbian) Love (Open Roleplay - Join Anytime)

[i]274 days. That's how many days are in nine months. One full pregnancy. My name is Leila Harpem, I am 17 years old, and I am one month pregnant. I have 244 days to go.

[b]60 days later[/b]

I'm starting to show quite a bit now. All of my tops are very tight around my middle, and people are starting to tease me. I told my mum, and she told me a bit about my family history. My family has always had longer pregnancies than usual people. Like, a lot longer. The average is not nine months, but one and a half years. This means for me that my earlier diary entry was wrong. I will now correct it.
548 days. That's how many days are in a year and a half. One full Harpem pregnancy. I have 458 days to go.

I am looking for love.[/i]

Leila dropped the pen onto her diary page, staring at the words. 'I am looking for love.' But who would love her? Obviously not her baby's father, he left even before she knew she was pregnant. And Leila was realising that she didn't even like guys like him. Or guys at all. That made it even harder. No girl in their right mind would want to go out with the nerdy, knocked up freak, Leila Harpem.

Rubbing her belly, Leila fell into bed with a sigh.

//This is what Leila's stomach looks like at this moment in the story:

and this is what Leila normally looks like (minus the belly) http://i.imgur.com/Ficruvz.jpg

She is (hooray for her) carrying sextuplets. (six babies)

Join as a potential gf, ex-bf, or friend, at any time!//
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Hey! i'd really love to hoin as either a friend or potential girlfriend?

Hey Leila what's up girl? Looks at belly

I love it. Thanks for sharing! You are a beautiful lady!


Hey Leila... how have you been?" staring now at your growing belly...