Pregnant and Single With Alot of Things Going On...

Well let me start off by saying i am 19 and i am 3 months pregnant. I got in a relationship which seemed to be amazing at first because of my past. This so called man was my savior in my eyes and my parents eyes until about 3 months into our relationship. We started seeing each othr in september.  By The end of november he had moved in with me at my parents house and became very possessive and controlling i was "in love" by this point so i over looked some things thinkin that he was really a good guy at heart and meant no harm.. By January i found out i was pregnant thats when i really started looking deeper into our relationship and seeing that we fought alot and if it was like this now what would it be like with a child in the home. So i tried to leave him and he harrassed me until i came back well on march 10th i finally had enough i was tired of the arguing and playing mommy with him. So i told him it was really over he then proceeded to take my things out of the house and throw them in the front yard while i was in the bedroom trying to pack the rest of my things he came back there and told me i wasnt going anywhere. i tried several times to get past him and he wouldnt let me leave when i finally did get past him i gathered my things out of the front yard and started walking to my parents house. I finally made it and called the cops. They advised me to take false imprisonment and assault charges out on him so i did so along with a protective order so he could not contact me. He Found out i was doing this and took simple assault charges out on me. He hired a lawyer who is married to the assistant DA. I am on probation and if i get into any kind of trouble i go to jail for almost 5 months. He has called me 14 times in the last 48 hours and the courts are telling me i cant really do anything about it besides set up another court date. I am starting to feel really lost and  feel my life is being controlled by someone else and i dont know what to do. i want really need some support and advice.

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Like to get to know u .

hay my name is maggie I not pregant. But i have had friends who were. If you need a friend or someone to talk to my number is 514 961 0827 call or text me anytime.

I would definately suggest changing your phone number like it was said above. <br />
this man has obviously done a lot of damge in your life. Stay away from him. Do everything in your power to stay out of his way, and get him to stay out of yours. that way.. how can anyone say that you've done anything to him?<br />
Men like that don't deserve a nice girlfriend and family. i hope something is done with him, and you are free then to do what you want, bring up your child as you wish, and live life as normal as possible given the circumstances.

Change you phone number whether it be a cell phone or a landline and that will stop the calls. Document each and every contact that he makes to you for the record and proof of HIM bothering you and not the other way around. You made a mistake getting pregnant at your age which I am sure you know but in addition to that look what kind of man you are pregnant from. You are going to have to deal with him until your child comes of age unless you can persuade him to sign over his paternal rights which I doubt you can based on his controlling nature. You're so young and you messed your life up already. This story really should get more dissemimnation so that other young people would have another reason to WAIT before making these decisions that influence their futures.