I am 31 years old and have been living with my boyfriend for 10 and 1/2 years. Last month I found out we are pregnant. I am a nurse and he works on water pumps where he makes just as much money as I do. We have been though some really hard times together. When I found out I was pregnant unexpectedly I thought it would be just a small bump in the road for us. I figured it would take some adjustment but we would be fine. The night I told him, things went fine. He was even excited about it saying, "this is gonna make us so much closer."

Over the next few days things rapid went down hill. He became very cold and distant. He refused to talk about things and said we needed to break up. Over the past few weeks I have been looking for a house to buy so I can move out. Anytime I try and discuss things he just leaves. He did finally tell me, "I just want to be free."

I have only two friends who are supportive but no family. I was really close with his mom but I feel she has betrayed me. She tells him whatever he wants to hear and tells me she thinks he is wrong but will not tell him how she feels. She wants to be a grandma so badly but I feel like I should not have her a part of my child's or my life.

My boyfriend still sends mixed messages. He still tries to make love and wants me to listen to him. He tells me he will be there when the baby is born but if I have the baby we cannot be together anymore. He says that if I get an abortion things would go back to normal and our relationship will continue as is.

This man is the live of my life. I obviously do not want to lose him. I just cannot believe this is happening to me. In the beginning of our relationship he got in some trouble and went to prison. Not only did I wait for him but I helped his mom pay the bills and buy food. When he was released I even worked two jobs to take care of us when nobody would hire him.

I am just so sad to have to move out on my own and to give birth by myself. When I read some of the experiences on here I feel like crying. Some people out there are far worse off than I am. I am grateful for my good job and I know I can care for a child on my own. I just never thought I would have to. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, they have made me feel like someone out there knows how I feel. Wish me luck in my first house buying adventure, I'm gonna need it!
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Sweetheart, he's not worth it if he's making you do something so evil. He's not the one with a life growing inside him.

Thank you all for your support. Update is my boyfriend has told me he doesn't love me and hasn't for years. I feel so betrayed right now. :-(

Would rather have him sign over his rights, so later on he can't fight for custody rights. I don't need his money, I needed his support.

I really don't but I will survive. I always have.

He is HIGHLY selfish. This is the most vulnerable moment in your life and to treat you like this is really unfortunate. You have proven yourself to be more than a amazing woman not only to him but PERIOD. There's not a doubt in anyone's mind that you will a superb mom.

I would let his mother be in the baby's life only if she wants to be. I know how u feel because she understands you and knows that her son is wrong but she is his mother. Nothing will stand in the way of that no matter how wrong he is. Don't be mad at her be mad at HIM. If she still wants the relationship with you and the baby keep the line open, don't let her miss out on her first grandchild and your baby on his grandmother. That relationship is golden I will tell you that because my son is the first grandbaby and his relationship is totally different and special to the grandparents because he was the first.
Be open to him but you shouldn't settle for less and you should put you and your baby first before your boyfriend.

Goodluck on your house hunting!!