Single, Might Be Pregnant

Hi there, im a 23 yr old Pentecostal girl.  I realized the other day I might (almost 99% positive) be pregnant.  The father is my off and on BF of 4 years.  The thing is,  I dont want my life to be with him.  I broke up with him a week ago, and he is still after me to get back with him but  I dont want that.  Even if pregnant I dont want my future with him.  I want my child to know its dad but thats the extent of what  I want with him.  My parents are going to flip as well as my church family.  I feel avery alone and just stunned right now
beautifulsoul23 beautifulsoul23
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Hi Beautiful Soul. How is your life today. I just happened upon your story today, and I trust that your life is in a good place. Please let me know. <br />
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I will look at other things you have written. I really want to know how your family and your church family dealt with you and your child. If I can be Barnabas to you at this point, let me know. I am not perfect, obviously from the name. Still, if you need a friend, a believing friend, message me. IF you would update the information, I would be grateful.