Pregnant And Alone

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday, when I wasn't there - he simply left a message on Facebook to disappear out of my life, knowing we wouldn't be together for 2 months still, because I had to go to my home country to settle a few things. While I was on the plane not being able to check anything or talk to him, he told me, he is breaking up because he doesn't want to work on a relationship that will be stressful for him. I tried to call him afterwards, tried to text him, tried all the various chatting programs we had planned, he never answered and I am pretty sure he will never talk to me again.

We were a couple for 2 whole years, I moved to America because of him, leaving behind all my friends and my family, just for him, and now I am stuck with it still, because I can't move back until July 2012. I only got to know his friends over there in the past year, his friends and his family - now i can't see any of them anymore, means I am totally on my own, totally lost, but not even having my body for myself anymore as I'm sharing it with a little baby.
I'm scared of future, I pretty much have no future. I'm still studying, I didn't want to get pregnant, it just happened for some reason, even though I was using birth control, and I was always so scared of getting pregnant, that I would look after my birth control closest ever. To make it short, it still happened and it's not changeable anymore. He doesn't know because I didn't dare telling him.. knowing his moods. I don't know if i should go and tell him.. or tell some of his friends so they would say something to him. I don't actually want him to know, but I guess at some point I won't be able to hide it anymore, but knowing now he's not worth trusting .. I'm just lost.

He told me, he would like it better if we wouldn't see each other any more, and if we wouldn't have contact at all anymore. The message is pretty clear - he doesn't want to see me ever again. But I'm still going to have a baby from him .. and somehow he should know, shouldn't he? I just don't know how to tell him anymore. I never knew, I was keeping this a secret for 3 weeks. Wouldn't he take it as a desperate "I want you back, don't leave me"-call, if I told him now?
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Broke up on facebook? How classy. Stop pining for someone that doesn't care about you. As for the birth control, you evidently weren't as careful as you thought you were.

First off, why doesn't he want to speak to you anymore???
That's the first thing that everyone on here who is answering should be asking her!

Okay, you need to make it clear that you are pregnant with his child, and that whether or not he wants you, he has a responsibility to his child- period. Don't be bitchy, but be firm in that fact.

hi babes

no u need to tell him dont let your baby suffer without a father when he gets older and plays at his freinds house and their fathers come and stuff hes gonna wonder wheres my daddy :(

that is your mistake to get his as boyfriend and you give him your all..........

At least tell his family that he needs to pony up and be a man!

Contact the local "Action" location explain that you have a dead beat father that you need help with. He will be singing a different tune with child support attached to his every dollar made. He is the worst kind of male there is, and needs to learn a lesson that if you are going to take it out of your pants, you had better now how to dance the dance afterwards. There are laws to protect you and the baby, there may be a paternity test when the baby is born but you are far from alone girl.

You want to go back home right?<br />
<br />
I'm not saying that you should tell him or not, that ultimately is up to you to decide, how ever I do ask that if you were to tell him, would he let you move home to be supported by your family?<br />
<br />
If you decide to not tell him, never lie to your child about who he was and what he was like, if they choose to want to know him later on in life that's their choice.

i think you should let him know & let his friend & family know so that way they can see the type of child he is. i say child because the way he is acting he don't deserve to be called a man. keep your head high & just see your baby as the blessing it is. if you need to talk to someone my ears are always open

I was thinking about that too, just .. because it's somehow his right to know too, right? But I just don't like it. I don't want him to be around, simply because he hurt me too much, destroyed all trust I ever had in him, just for the way and reason he told me he was leaving me. Do I have to let him see my kid? Going to write to you, would be great to just have someone to talk to.

I do think he should know but he should not be able to see the baby

go to system and nmake him pay then find a new father for the child thatwill love you and the child

do i have to tell him about it? i think i wouldn't even mind not getting supported by him, i just don't know at all how to keep going. does the child need a new father? i don't think anyone wants a girl, that already comes with a child.

Thank you for encouraging me again, also about that kind of future - it's nice to hear that I could be having that too at some point again somehow, it gives me back a bit of good feeling. Hopefully at some point I will be able to find someone like that, who just might be the right one for us.. But do men really accept another mans kid in their family? Can they?